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Undetected: Rust, Apex and TD2!

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Rust, Apex and The Division 2 has been moved back to being undetected (https://hypercheats.gg/status/)! We have given compensation days to all users who lost days due to cheats being unsafe for a certain amount of time during their subscriptions. Below a list on how you were compensated:

Rust, Apex and The Division 2
Have you bought Rust, Apex or The Division 2 on the 11th of June or before, then you were given 29 additional days on top of your prior expiration date.

This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat.

To celebrate the status change, we have also doing a temporary discount of 30% on all Rust cheats if you use the coupon code: RUST.

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We are currently doing a revision of the detection date for Rust, as we may have gotten it mixed up with the TD2 and Apex detection dates.

We will inform you of our findings.

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