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  3. Jump bumping a thread I forgot about.
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  5. Dunno, but IP bans are unreliable and dumb, I doubt it.
  6. We'll have our compensation when it can't be used again. LOL
  7. Last week
  8. Weekends over and still no compensation RIP
  9. Yes, I did buy it when it was undetected. But if you didn't get the memo, they are giving compensation even if it wasn't undetected when you bought it as of right now.
  10. Did you purchase BEFORE it was in the yellow status? You don't get compensation unless you bought when it was good.
  11. I bought the rust level 2 cheat for 1 month. December 14 after 3 days there are lots of reports regarding the ban, then at December 18 it is changed to testing, ever since then i haven't used the cheat due to it being detected. I expect to have near 27 days of compensation since i only did use 3 days of my subs. Please help. Thank you. I already did have a support ticket with evidence that i bought subs on December 14, 2019 take note i bought the cheat whilst it is undetected, (green questionmark).
  12. When does the compensation for rust hack usually come after undetected? looking forward to playing again ASAP :) bc I have the next 2 days off of work thanks
  13. aldis12

    Rust lvl 1

    No if u get banned just restart Windows and use spoofer again
  14. Lambo

    Rust lvl 1

    But if I want to use spoofer again then I must reinstall windows?
  15. aldis12

    Rust lvl 1

    Well if you get banned while you use spoofed then yeah after restart you can play again without spoofer.
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