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  3. restocked ultimate edition, few stock left
  4. Naton

    rainbow six

    Hi, Crypto is only avaliable from the store, if you would lime to purchase with other methods such as paypal or card, etc, then go here: https://hypercheats.gg/forum/30-pay-with-paypal-credit-card-wechat-alipay-etc/
  5. 0mega

    rainbow six

    do i have to pay with crypto currency?
  6. His question makes total sense lol. Hes asking if it has a script injector/executor so you can run your own sql menus and stuff. @jslygdhlj To answer your question though, no it does not.
  7. Yesterday
  8. thread bumping just bumping thread restock and replacment and many many more stuff yay okay thank bye
  9. Leedle

    Arma 3

    Does the A3 cheat work on Exile?
  10. Your question make's no sense. It have everything you need to cheat in that game. It have some issue as i heard but devs will fix it in few days for sure.
  11. Last week
  12. I wasn't sure if I was the only one experiencing this or not so thanks for the response.
  13. I guess you can open a support ticket in regards to it, since the cheat doesn't work at all at the moment so you will probably get compensated.
  14. Guess this is irrelevant now, considering the 24hrs are over and my reseller wasn't able to get it solved either.
  15. Yesterday, at 3 PM, I purchased 24 hours of the lvl 2 Rainbow Six Siege cheat and haven't been able to get it to work. My reseller has been trying to fix it but so far, that also hasn't worked so now I'm on 3 hours left with the cheat still not working. At first, when injecting the build ID 0 my computer would crash, with the others working but not doing anything ingame when trying to open the overlay. Now that I downgraded from 1903 to 1809, build ID 0 can be injected but again, it doesn't do anything ingame. Does anyone know how to fix this? Out of my 24hrs I'd like to at least try the cheat out for one.
  16. can i get apex  tier 2 through paypal

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