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  2. is it cash (usd) on coinbase
  3. Yesterday
  4. 24 hours left for dayz sale to end, 15$ stock available.
  5. lemme know if you get banned while using
  6. bump thread stuff ooof i need more time then u get screw replace and restock just need a couple of day
  7. The BE spoofer is under Investigating but should still work.
  8. has anyone used the spoofer that comes with dayz cheat? does it work?
  9. thread bump replacement restock oooof okay thank bye oooof bye ooof
  10. Last week
  11. - Locked thread as what The1 said, 1903 has been supported for a bit. 🙂
  12. 1903 is supported since months, report the thread to get it closed faster 😛
  13. I had it added and removed it since i know for a fact there are gonna be hella providers on release, i'll add it once EAC/BE gets implemented which shouldn't take long thanks to the mass amounts of providers on release like i said.
  14. There are already a few smaller cheat software's that are in development for it, but im sure they will drop out once EAC or BE gets implemented, I was using some during the beta
  15. Just saw "Windows 1903 now officially supported on all our cheats!" So I guess //Closed?
  16. Since many cheats have problems with 1903, I was wondering if the Apex cheat works for Windows 1903, since I dont really feel like going to 1809. Thx in advance
  17. will be interesting though but The1 you should really make it to where people can change their minds on the votes for what game because now that theres modern warfare and a few others more on that list people might want one of those instead
  18. Blizzard won't give a fuck, Activision might just email HC and tell them to take down the cheat, most cheat providers provided a cheat for BO4 "under the table" aswell without listing it publicly, others didn't give a single fuck and just offered it publicly and ignored the emails, Activision can't be bothered with this. But since MW is so damn popular already, im damn sure they are gonna do something special this time like implement EAC/BattlEye specially since it supports Crossplay.
  19. You guys should think about making a call of duty modern warfare cheat when it releases on the 24th of October i would totally be down and dirty with that one also a not you should update the list for what games you would buy cheats for to allow people to recast a vote as you added new games to the list also you should fix the active player count after the release of game
  20. Removed Destiny 2 as too many nigglet cheats popped up and the anti cheat seems to be complete trash even the worst providers are gonna provide a cheat for it now lol. Removed MW as it seems to now have a better AC than Black Ops 4 and many providers are gonna provide a cheat on release already.
  21. thread bumping more stuff to do ooof if nothing then okay ooof okay thank bye
  22. Yes or it could be the tracking files, wipe the tracking files using the loader and try to play again to see if you are hwid banned, also use a VPN.
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