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  2. I believe most of them support AMD because they don't use a hypervisor like HC does, AFAIK. I don't know the reason why HC doesn't make an AMD hypervisor, but I've heard it's hard to do/maintain. EDIT: After a quick glance, it seems like there's only one open source AMD hypervisor available, but it's really barebone. And Intel has multiple very well documented and full-fledged hypervisors meant to virtualize the currently running system.
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  4. Please add support for AMD processors Intel is getting old AMD is becoming the new affordable better option ;) I can not stress on how many people actually have AMD processors and want to buy your cheats but cant... I am not sure how other cheat providers support AMD and Intel but hey they manage it maybe you guys can too?
  5. Do you by chance have any advanced R6 accounts that have high levels, multiple seasons played and black ice skins?
  6. Because the spoofer doesn't stop you from being banned. If the cheat is testing it most likely detected lel. Maybe wait till the cheat is green.
  7. The same set-up is required. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. which is easier to set up the cheat? loader or key?
  9. Do you by chance sell any outrageous accounts that are high level and have many skins unlocked?
  10. if you are new in cheating i suggest buy VIP, because you will able to get more help and guides on forums. Keys are for users who already knows how this works and they can easy set up it without any problems.
  11. Code is basically a code that you redeem in the store that gives you account credit, you then use the account to buy a cheat in the store (go through normal checkout procedure) except when you have account credit, an option will appear to use it. When purchasing with account credit, you receive vip which allows you to download the login loader and receive support from the HC forum. The login loader means you use your forums login (name and password) to login. When you get a key, you can get vip as well, but you have to pay a bit more for it, from what I remember. You also get the KEY loader which you put the key in, (rather than logging in, which your reseller will give you the loader) Not being VIP means you can not receive support from HC support/forum, you must get it from the reseller. There is not really any difference between the 2 other than the way you login and the VIP. The loaders have the same cheat although, etc. And yes, you are right, flying car does not exist anymore.
  12. Hi, whatโ€™s the difference between purchasing outside and getting a key, and compared to code for redeeming on store? Is it a different loader and installation process? which is better? one last question, this cheat doesnโ€™t have flying car right?
  13. To the point, the question is how could I get a ban on the gland when using a spoofer. After reinstalling the OS and using the spoofer, accounts also fly into the ban during the day. The spool status is green.
  14. he was just using spoofer and that one is actually green - doesnt help when the loader is detected ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. If user purchase thru sales thread here i as well give an code for redeem on store. Keys are only for outsite purchases ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. I believe every reseller except for Banek gives you a code that you redeem on the store for account credit then you use that account credit to purchase a cheat. Banek uses a key which you put into the key loader ๐Ÿ™‚ Silent Aim is also currently disabled but will be reenabled soon. The blatantness depends on your fov circle with silent aim. And if you tweak those a little I am not too sure, they will look blatant if you are reporter a lot, gravity change will look fishy from spectating as well.
  17. I plan to buy using PayPal. I know it has to be done through a reseller. But so once I get the key from the reseller, everything else is the same? Does silent aim work well? Or from the spectator point of view will it seem like blatant hacking? if I tweak player and gravity scale just by a little, would that be obvious? thanks!
  18. When purchasing from Forums with BTC you will receive VIP where you can then download the loader, where you login into it with your forums login. It takes about 5 minutes to check your PC (Some users are ready to go instantly) to make sure everything is good, Synth has even made a script which basically does everything for you, Then there are 2 things you MAY have to turn on/disable if it was not already done. I will just tell you to have Windows Version 1809 as that can take a bit long upgrading from a lower version. The PUBG Feature Guide Is Available after purchasing in the VIP section of the cheat. And Yes, Gravity will give you fall damage although so keep that in mind, and player scale is a bit blatant looking, but yes, the anticheat will not ban you for using them.
  19. Updating a cheat security-wise isn't like fixing a feature or updating the offsets. It takes a lot of time because our devs have to see what's detected, find a way to fix it and test it. The issue with that last part is the delayed bans that rust has. You could play for a day or two without an issue but the cheat is still detected and you would get banned on the third day. Don't forget that we work against a company that has many devs 100% dedicated at finding cheats and detecting them. Nothing is easy here. That's also why we don't give an ETA because most people here would complain that we never follow them, it's impossible to tell if a security fix worked without testing it for some days. Rushing an update would only lead to our users getting banned. Only because they were complaining that we are slow. I can assure you that the project is still live and is one of our priorities right now.
  20. when fucking Rust or you have frozen the project, for two weeks there are tests, even there are no new updates, now I have run out of subscription and I can not even use spoofer, I know that the days will return when the status will change to undetected, but when it happens and will happen at all?
  21. Hi if I only increase player scale and gravity scale a little bigger, is it still very obvious when it comes to kill cams? As as long as other players do not report, I am safe, correct? Where can I find the feature guide? Is it complicated to get this cheat up and running? Or is it just running the loader, entering key and then injecting and then starting the game? thanks a lot!
  22. I just got an email from HC saying my payment has failed, does that mean what i paid through your site has been refunded? If so do i just try to buy it again?
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