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  2. Will there be any compensation time for those who have purchased the hack tho? Since it was being stated that it's working without any issues on the statues page, I only bought this hack for a week and couldn't get my rank due to freeze which causes me to leave the game half way during a match and get a penalty :(
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  4. My best wishes are with you !! gws !!
  5. hey ,yea every surgery has its dangers,this one is no difference. op as itself isnt that complicated but all the therapy prior and post is kinda shitty cuz ill have to take immunesupressive therapy which kinda sux shit but ill fucking do anything to get away from dialysis. thanks everyone for kind words🤗❤
  6. lol. i dont mean any ill.. im sure he will be just fine, and i wish him the very best and a super speedy recovery !!
  7. Ahh yes good luck with the surgery!! I'm glad a kidney was found for you! 😁
  8. Hey man I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. And I'm happy on your behalf that they found a kidney for you. Good luck ❤️ Jesus man that's some pretty fucked up shit to say to someone that's about to have surgery... He won't die. He will live a happy life after his surgery. @monkeyboyxxx Don't worry, you will do just fine. I've had a solid 2 friends go through kidney surgery. Both still live and they are in great health. So don't worry. He's just trying to scare you.
  9. @killmenow I was meaning the actual account ban forever xD but ye, my brother is still banned on fortnite, thats why i was saying how I wasnt sure on rust, but If my brother makes a new account there he gets banned everytime with a new ip, but he doesnt want to pay money to replace his ssd so he doesnt try the game anymore, also i found it that sometimes your hwid can change without any component swapping, a long time ago, me and my friends would exploit on roblox which the exploit tied to our hwid, and we came back like a few months later and it said I needed to update my hwid which nothing at all was changed on my pc. The same thing also happened with the minecraft client "Vape" where my hwid said it changed. Or maybe im just imaginging stuff buy I think thats why you maybe were un hwid banned? I mean you could be right but I still stand that they havent removed my brothers ban hwid ban from fortnite and its been basically forever.
  10. hey, good luck with the op. i had a friend who had a kidney transplant but unfortunately passed away soon after due to some complications, the kidney was compatible and everything, but maybe his body rejected it or something, not trying to scare you nor saying you may meet the same fate, but just giving you a heads up !! good luck all the same ! 🙂 😛
  11. Lmao. When only mission in life is to shit on kids in pubg.
  12. It's being looked into. Just hold tight and be patient.
  13. Hi, Since yesterday i have the same problem as all here ))) when is going to fix ? Its unreal to play -_-
  14. This is slightly incorrect and I can confirm that you will still be hardware banned though. Infact EAC only keeps your hardware information for around 3-5 months, reason being there would be so much information they probably couldn't store it or something. I know this as a fact because i was hardware banned from rust almost a year ago on this very same pc with absolutely NO hardware changes, same hard rive and ssd or whatever ( NOTHING HAS CHANGED). I tried to play again and got banned, 8 months pass and i bought it again and was able to play for months until i used some shitty scripts i bought before i found HC, this got me banned after about a week, i was banned in November in which I was able to play AGAIN in February with the same IP and hardware STILL, to this day I have the same hardware and IP and in about a month or two I will be able to play rust again legit of course. I am in no way fabricating this I can send links to my profiles in which i was banned on rust, in fact I got banned like the other week for trying a bit early. But I can assure you they take you off the auto search list or however it works after about 4 months from your last ban. I do not care what anyone else has said, I have done this twice. TL:DR you will probably be able to play but i would give it another month depending on what date you were banned. Im not bullshitting here either i can actually send you accounts and screenshots of when they were banned and their play times. But for sure you will be able to play in December.
  15. EAC keeps bans basically forever, even emailing them with the best excuse trying to ban appeal will still be highly unlikely. I tried playing fortnite 5 months after my hwid ban with new system reset and account and I still couldnt play. Fortnite, (not too sure on rust though) only bans your hard drive serials since I have tested it for a few things and changing my hard drives removed the hwid ban.
  16. RS6 Is in the works of being fixed, the cheat is unuseable atm for some people cause freezes/crashes 24/7 so just wait for them to give us a update on announcements. Meanwhile just wait or play something else cause you literally cant use the rs6 cheat.
  17. I would like to buy rust level 1 for 1 day

    [LS-Gangwars] Timur#7137
  18. I am back on track ! Did the entries + Random generation, took a while to because of @RragnarokK entries ! Here are the winner for 7 days subs ! 1) @RragnarokK (ofc XD) 2) @killmenow 3) @Higgins Best of luck to all of you in other contest ! FizZ
  19. HR-APEX更新了EAC安全更新,目前正在测试,一直稳定中,HR-PUBG持续稳定两个多月,HR-R6S稳定8个月真实天数
  20. anything fixed ? or do you have any idea guys when it will be fix.
  21. i just got call from hospital they found kidney for me, tomorrow at 2pm im flying for my check ups and after 2 years of dialysis to get back to normal life again.when i get back pubg better be sorted out 😛
  22. Just wait for the development team to solve the problem.
  23. im glad devs are aware of the issue and working on solution for us
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