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  3. Adrian

    HC rust

    Hi, You don’t have the cheat? Unless you have another account?
  4. Tomz

    HC rust

    When I click on home, why doesn't the menu open?
  5. Yesterday
  6. thread bump up and that it bois okaythread bump up and that it bois okaythread u[p restcok and rpelacment ayy yheahh yehas up that it boi
  7. Hi, 1903 is your best option and is what we recommend. 1909 is known to not work with some users. Please note if you’re on 1909 you can simply change to 1903, which is quite easy to do. There are plenty of tutorials to do so.
  8. so i have to use 1903 is the best choose ?!
  9. thread bump up and that it bois okaythread u[p restcok and rpelacment ayy yheahh yehas up that it bois i dk what elses son up up up
  10. Last week
  11. Hi, Reason for bumping this thread again? BE and EAC are undetected.
  12. Hi, Thanks for the heads up. We'll look into it.
  13. Hi there, We still suggest 1903, as it is the latest version we've specifically worked with. 1909 seems to work for most users, but not all, so we don't want to make any guarantees with regards to it.
  14. what win ver require now ? im starting to buy some product, but i can't find any of the window version to use product must have someone let me know ?
  15. I tried but cheating still suddenly quits the game and crashes.
  16. Hey Adrian! I just want to give you heads up that aimbot is still sadly crashing and whwn you drop out of game you cant even come back into the game because,well you instantly crash back. If you could tell this to devs 👍
  17. Hi, PUBG is working now. There was just a game update. The errors were looked at and have been fixed.
  18. Hi @NamedProKiller, Our Apex cheat has always been undetected.
  19. Well... This has been something we’ve been discussing. We know there is a market for it, we’re not quite sure how big that market is, but we do have some assets already in place for this, so it’s a definite ‘maybe’.
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