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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the cheats really undetected?
    Yes, they are and will be for quite some time due to the sophisticated approach to defeat the Anti-Cheats.

    How do I buy Bitcoin?
    Read this: https://hypercheats.gg/topic/680-how-to-buy-btc-how-to-buy-hc-cheatsguide/

    Do you accept Paypal, Credit Card, WeChat, AliPay etc.?
    Yes, but only through one of our official re-sellers (the members with a solid blue name). On the home page at the top right you can see who and what payment methods they accept! Please note that they offer a small extra fee for their service, paying by Bitcoin through our store directly will always be way cheaper and faster.

    I am HWID banned on R6S/Rust etc. can I still use the cheats safely?
    Yes, all our cheats include the deepest HWID spoofing of almost all hardware components in your PC (disk, ram, network, motherboard etc.). You just need to restart your PC and thats it! So even after you have flagged your PC by using some random detected cheat before, our spoofer will fix all that! Also your real hardware will stay safe because of this, if you ever choose to stop cheating you can do so safely and play on your real hardware without issues.

    Can I run it on an AMD processor?
    No, we only support Intel at the moment. Supporting AMD in the near future is not planned either.

    Does it spoof my HWID?
    All cheats have kernel disk serial, bios, ram and baseboard spoofing. If you are hwid banned in for example Rust, you can play again with our cheats, you only need to restart your PC, that is all!

    Can I use Windows 10?
    Yes. It only works on Windows 10 (tested versions: 1803, 1809 and 1903!).

    Do I get compensation/free days added to my subscription when a cheat becomes detected or unsafe?
    Yes. We want to guarantee you with a fully undetected cheat for the entire subscription time you have purchased. This means, that if you purchase the cheat while it is in testing/detected, you can essentially use it for free, since every single day will get added back when the cheat becomes undetected again!

    Do you have a chat?
    Yes, we have a VIP chat which only can be used for VIP members. To become a VIP member you have to purchase at least one of our cheats.