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    First off I wanted to add that although I have the option to buy Rust Level 2, I feel that player ESP is already overpowered enough for you to be dominating the server. Level 2 is nice and all but I feel it makes it a but too easy for you, but that is just my opinion only. I like having a bit of a challenge and not have the enemies cry admin everytime they get tripple headshotted. Another reason is that I've spent about a month in the summer practising all the sprays so I don't aim like a potato. With that said the rust Level 1 is one of the nicest things out there. The past 2 months I've had it is upthere with the most fun experience Ive had ever playing rust. Yeah you won't win EVERY fight as you don't have aimbot, but knowing the enemies location gives you the upper hand EVERYTIME. You have the ability to sneak up to farmers/raiders and as long as you are not blatantly obvious you will be fine ban wise. Personally, I have won 9/10 of the fights I've taken. The 1 death I attribute to me missing the first shot or getting caught sneaking around. The ESP shows all the vital information you need, the guns theyre carrying/ their health level/ how far away they are. My only gripe really is that sometimes you kill someone you can't see their dead body in the ESP or the dropped items. An option for this in ESP would be great in my opinion but not that big of a hassle as you will face this problem while playing rust normally. As far for the security, I played on official servers with my friends for a whole month without getting a manual ban. I was only banned because of a detection ban wave. Honestly lasting that long in official servers is impressive. I've only stopped playing in official servers as I learnt that my friends could have been banned aswell for hacker association, so I didn't want to needlessly put them at a risk. Lastly, I wanted to add something my friend said. I have a friend who has a lot of "invites" to other rust hack groups and would boast to me about them. He would pay enormous prices for the cheat but always got banned within a few days because it would get detected super fast. Wanted to add this because it was funny he would have private cheats with little playing time while I was on a public cheat where I lasted a whole month and theres people who lasted longer. I had my doubts at first because I hear stories about people getting scammed trying to get their hands on some rust cheats but I am glad that this was not the case. Overall, I would give the Rust Level 1 cheat a 9/10. The admins are always working on the cheat when it comes to developing the cheat, trying to push an update out for the latest game patch within 24 hours or working on the security in general. They are pretty responsive with the clients and help out whenever they can which is fantastic. You also have support members if you have queries or any issues. Theres nothing much to add other than mentioning again about having one of the most fun experience i've had playing rust thanks to HC rust level 1. Only reason I'd give it a higher rating is the small feature I mentioned above.
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    Overwatch ftw. Nice seeing HC getting extended ❤️.