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    Its the only HC cheat with horrible FPS, seems like the Hypervisor ain't working well with Rust for some reason. Its really the only reason i stopped playing rust with HC, i can't live with 40 FPS on my 2080Ti, the game is just not fun that way. Its been like this for months if not since the release of the Rust cheat, i really hope it gets fixed because HC is my favorite rust cheat so far regarding ESP and overall functionality, of course some features missing but EAC detections have priority.
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    The complaint isn't just the lag though, it is the fact that in his experience other cheats have more optimization. Also, staff replied to this accepting the criticism and admitting that it needed work but explained why has not been done, so you do not need to make excuses for them.
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    I have the same issue. Without the cheat i can run it on HIGH graphic. With the cheat, im LOW LOW LOW and still having lag spike. Weird, but the cheat itself is pretty good.
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    Thanks for your review. We’re aware that the Rust cheat could very much benefit from an optimisation run, we’ve just been too busy trying to stay ahead of detections and what-not to concentrate or be able to justify spending time on optimisation. Regardless, we will be taking a good long look at that aspect of it in the near future.
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    Not just the level 1, the level 2 is worst..... I can run the game 120 FPS full settings, and the cheat drops me to 40 even so I have all my settings on 0.