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    Hello everyone, I'll be doing a Free Giveaway for any account that you choose. Giveaway ends on Feb 22. To enter just leave a "Like/Thanks" On this post. Good luckπŸ˜‰ (Rust, Pubg, Rainbow 6, apex legends) There are two giveaways running at the same time so make sure to enter them all for a better chance to winπŸ™‚ glhf
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    Hello, as I'm pretty new in the HC community I thought I'd give away a free Rust account. All you have to do to win the account is like this post and write a comment on the post. I will pick a winner randomly on 1st January 2019 Good luck!
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    OFFICIAL TRUSTED HYPERCHEATS RESELLER - BANEK192 Want to purchase any cheat on this site? Its easy! You can purchase needed amount from me with many available methods and use this to pay for any software available at HC STORE. If you have any questions you also can contact me. Payment Methods & How this works: 1. Go to Store https://hypercheats.gg/store/ and find price of cheat which you need to purchase. 2. Scroll down this thread, find amount of USD similar to cheat price you need and click on payment link, then select your prefer payment method. 3. Pay using my link and go to your email. Fill out the form and you will get your choosen software within 12 hours or faster. Available payment methods: Paypal, Bank or Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard), WeChat Pay, AliPay, UnionPay, Western Union and skrill. Read more about How this works β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Agreement\TOS and about Refunds(BEFORE PURCHASE MAKE SURE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THIS!): How to Purchase: Have any questions? Message me! Note: I don't use Skype, Discord and selly.gg for any sales (If you find anyone with my name, its fake). banek192 Our Community| Write me 940800 banek192 Banek192 E-mail: [email protected]
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    I'd like to take this directly and address it. We've posted, to all of our users, within an hour of mass ban reports, that we are investigating ongoing bans. We've also changed the status of the cheat to 'Testing' because a lot of people got banned, but a lot of others didn't, so we need to test what kind of a detection this is... Maybe a feature, maybe the spoofer, who knows? Nobody at this point. You said your post was deleted, and I trust that it was. There is no reason for us to allow toxic posts to exist, especially when we don't really know what the reasoning for these things is, and let's be honest, if we don't, neither do you. Take this post for example, it's pretty toxic, but it hasn't been deleted. While the OP is being a total cunt about the way he's approaching the subject, and being totally one-sided, especially for someone without a sub, I didn't feel like he went above and beyond to just be an asshole in his assessment. Also, I feel slightly bad for him, that he got banned after 3 days. Bad timing to join I guess. I feel worse for those that joined a day before. So here is the part where I try to educate people (in vain, I know, but I can't help myself). - You are using a cheat, we expect bans, so should you... We try to make them as rare as possible, but we are working against very talented and smart people, with much more resources than ourselves, who's sole job is to stop us, and those like us. - For every day that they test ways to detect our cheats, we have to test ways to make their detections useless. - We called it 'Testing' for a reason... Because we don't know what the situation is. Couple of things here. 1) It's new... 2) Please pay attention to status - BIGGEST point. And this is something that EVERYONE that has any ties with other cheat platforms totally FAILS at understanding. We are a public platform. That means you can get your hands on our cheats the first day that you come across us. It means that you don't have to provide us with a picture of your ID, with your life story, with your history, with the reason why you want to join. It means you don't have to pretend for months in our Discord channels that you'd suck our dicks (sorry for excluding you Joanna), in order to get a cheat for a game. It means that if you found a cheat you like, and are really enjoying it, you can just tell your friend where to buy it, and they can get it as well and enjoy the game as much as you are in your new-found-appreciation for a game you were getting owned in. It also means that anti-cheat developers can get their hands on it as often as you (which they do), and they can study it in crazy detail, and funny enough, our detection rates are still on par with 'Private' platforms. Nothing is unbeatable, we get detected, we expect it, but we've not been trumped so far. Don't want to get banned? Don't cheat. Think you can get a better cheat? Why are you here? It's no secret we're public, and it's no secret that other devs have to stay private, in order to avoid getting detected daily. Get off my dick. We're not perfect, but we're still miles ahead of the competition.
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    Good morning all! Now that Rust and Apex are both moved back to being undetected (https://hypercheats.gg/status/) we have given compensation days to all users who lost days due to cheats being unsafe for a certain amount of time during their subscriptions. Below a list on how you were compensated: Rust Have you bought Rust on the 13th of February or before, then you were given 9 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. Apex Have you bought Apex on the 16th of February or before, then you were given 6 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat
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    Hello. I'm giving away another account, this time it's a PUBG account. To enter the giveaway you have to like the thread and comment what your favorite game is. The winner will be chosen on February 30th. I wish all of you good luck!
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    We are back at full green and everything is marked undetected again after several of our updates. Everyone got compensated for lost days of their subscription accordingly! This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat.
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    Hello everyone! We're back at it again with another APEX contest. This time, we've upped the anti a little and increased the winner pool to 3 users! Who will each receive an APEX level 2, 1 month subscription! EVERYONE is invited to participate just like our last one! It doesn't matter if you are a VIP member or not. What is the goal of the contest? To gain as many converted VIP referrals as possible within a 1 week time. Every member has their own referral link, which can be posted on Youtube videos, other forums, Discord channels, sister's Facebook/Instagram, whatever you think will give you an edge over the competition! Note: Our Youtube advertisers will NOT be participating! (Such as Xanosche and RippedRobby) What do I win if I am in the top 3 most referrals? A one month subscription to the latest cheat in our store, the Apex Level 2! Note: If you already own a subscription we will add an extra month. How do I refer people/friends? Go to your account menu in the top right and click on "Referrals", it will bring you to this page: https://hypercheats.gg/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=rsystem Once there, you will see your unique referral link that you can send to others! Once the one week has passed we will announce the winner(s) and gift the promised subscriptions! Start popping off in your community and get yourself some free cheats!! Good luck to all!
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    Please keep in mind that we have some very strong features planned for the future, that may require a bit more exclusivity than our standard Level 1 and 2, due to their potential impact, so we are considering adding a level 3 version of the cheat, it will add that exclusivity and reduce the impact caused, while increasing your level of fun and dominance. 'Watch this space'
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    As of right now, R6S cheat has been updated with new feature - Teleport. Any level 2 user can check it out. Teleport uses same targetting system as aimbot and its default key is N. We'll listen to your feedback and adapt everything according to your needs. Here's short video that shows how it looks live:
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    We are glad to announce the new cheat for Arma 3! It has all the regular features you expect from us and some advanced rage features: Player ESP Vehicles ESP Aimbot Rage features: Fly hack No clip God mode Unlimited ammo No sway No recoil Murdering everyone within 1 km through Nuke or simple bullet in head. Allows targeting vehicles as well. In the future we will be tweaking the targeting for murder feature. Also we will be adding script executor and possibly as many bypasses to custom script anti cheats as possible. We also plan to allow users to spawn vehicles, weapons, magazines etc. without need to use scripts (which means undetected from BE or server admins). Of course, our L33T Members will have this cheat completely for free! To buy or get more information about our Arma 3 cheat, see:
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    Hello friends, I’ve just hit 300 posts (including this one). That’s a pretty big milestone for me, but that won’t stop me from grinding. I love helping people here at HyperCheats, I love the feeling after helping someone. How happy it makes the user. It’s really something special. My next milestone will be 500 posts. I’m sure I’ll hit this soon as well. Thank you guys for being such a solid community. I’d like to thank the support team and the staff team. Korean. Pashz, MassFrosty, Synth. And at the admin team I’d like to thank Slav, Drogo and Joanna. Thank you guys and girls.
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    Hello everyone! We're proud to introduce feature updates for Rust! -Fast heal (bound to F2 by default), uses your syringe instantly! -Fast item pickup (instantly moves items to or from your inventory by right clicking them) -Horse ESP -Any item held by a player is now displayed (including non-weapons) -Always day works in caves and monuments! Keep eye on rust cheat, because we plan to add even more features in the near future!
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    On request from many people we have added a very powerful and fast speed hack to our Apex level 2 cheat! It is pretty much teleportation, that is how fast it is. Buy it here: https://hypercheats.gg/store/product/25-apex-legends-level-2/ Here is the menu configuration for this option: Video (recorder used streamproof function, so you don't see any cheat visuals):
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    At first when I found out about hypercheats and saw the prices, i thought it was a little fishy. So i decided to try it and buy Rainbow six level 1 ( Don't need level 2 cause my aim is already good ), and to my surprise it worked out really well! All the cheats come with a spoofer so if you are already banned, you are good to go, and since everything is internal, there was no FPS loss. I personally started using hyper 4 months ago and I can say that hypercheats is legit. They have a very friendly staff who definitely help you out if you are having issues setting up the program or anything. I personally own a 6 month Sub to R6 and PUBG and I have not been banned on either accounts for the past 4 months. Keep up the good work hyper and if you're thinking about getting it, just get it. Cheaper and more efficient than other $100+ cheats.
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    First of all thanks @Drogo @slavfor let me Testing this great Cheat for 1 Week, as i said i will give a honest review and here is my honest review. ESP 10/10: nothing more to ask for everything you will need for a ESP good customizable , the colours are good too see in everytime never had problems , visibility check works fine too. so all in one the best ESP i seen yet πŸ™‚ good work keep that up. Aimbot 10/10: first of all the best aimbot , tested other providers there not even comparable to that one. It hits every single shot, prediction is flawless, just perfect for me thanks for that, but what i personally would like i dont know if its possible to add are functions like hitscan , aimbot priority ( FOV , Crosshair , etc ) but its just for me and u can easily get wins without these functions so thats still 10 / 10 best aimbot nothing much more to say. GUI 10/10: i love the menu from HC its the fucking sickest menu i ever seen i dont know why but it looks so clean for me cant complain. You can see through the menu with no problems so its very clear and you dont need any help to understand what u need to do and what the function does. Just Great Misc 10/10 No spread is just OP , i can easy win 10 games in a row, OBS bypass works fine to tested it even if i dont stream but just to see if its working and yes it works fine. Overall I have to say its a very good product you get what to pay for its a bit too expensive for me i would pay like 100 $ a month but i dont know thats just my Opinion, for the guys who talk shit about hyper just stfu , i readed the same shit things and was scared but nothing of that is true , apex got dt one time after 1 hour it was undetected i not even saw one coder who get that fast a cheat UD again so probs to the coder and to the devs. I had a few problems with loader and the support was great @RouterRage @Drogo helped me fast and gave me good support @RouterRageadded me on Discord and fixed my problems fast with discord and i had even fun while that cause he did some jokes πŸ˜„ So when i got the Money i will definetly comeback thanks for all and much love to you all great work and great community thanks for the great and nice time πŸ™‚
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    Apex Legends level 2 review Menu [10/10] > The menu is very clean and looks nice.Its easy to find navigate through it and find whatever options you need. ESP [10/10] > Probably one of the most fluid esp I've ever used, no lags, no delays, everything smooth without problems Aimbot [10/10] > simply fantastic! he carries out his work in a straightforward manner the prediction of the movement it's really impeccable note : I played with my friends for 6 hours , The cheat itself is without any problems, never had any issues or crashes with this. a big thank you to the developers who have done a great job! I'm glad I had the chance to be part of hyper cheats
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    Total sub time: 4 weeks. Cheat 9.7/10. Performance 5/10. Support 6/10. Compensation policy 1/10. This is going to be my honest review about HC and cheating in general. The cheat is incredible, however the experience of getting everything to work consistently can be extremely stressful. Pros: - If you are serious about rust and prepared to play all day every day - then the $100/week Lv2 Sub is worth it. - Features are abundant and work flawlessly - only features that should be added are terrain clipping & silent aim (For the purpose of competing against hackers from other cheat providers - NOT for abusing the community). **Misc>AdminMode>DEBUGCAMERA IS AWESOME** - HC are providing a public cheat that works most of the time, which is a lifesaver considering I have spent months trying to get invites to other private cheats. - The HC community is active and the cheats are constantly being updated to combat anti-cheat updates. Cons (With regards to HC): - The cheat has a tendency to crash - which at times can be infuriating - crafting in particular often causes mine to crash. - The detection status very often does not reflect reality - However I do understand this is difficult to maintain with 100% accuracy. - The compensation policy needs a complete OVERHAUL -Previously, I lost an entire $100 sub and 4 accounts when the cheat was unusable and got 0 compensation and sarcastic comments (Not cool). - Further to the previous comment, HC are selling at a luxury price point, however the performance and customer service does not reflect this; if I pay that amount of money, I expect the damn thing to work; and if not COMPENSATION is required. Cons (With regards to cheating): - If you are considering cheating for the first time, remember once you decide to go ahead you may never get to play legit again; you will likely get HWID banned, your clan may disown you to avoid association and you may never enjoy playing legit again. Peace. Dave.
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    Starting a new shop to keep things tidy, I sell many different types of accounts ALL of which are cracked unless I specify that I have FA to them! I have a decent amount of rep from all my trades or deals. Many of which can be found here: https://hypercheats.gg/topic/1517-my-shop/ https://hypercheats.gg/topic/2200-ph-premium-accounts/ What I sell: Rainbow Six Siege Accounts: $3 Paypal, $3.50 BTC Spotify Premium Accounts: $1 Paypal, $1.50 BTC NordVpn Accounts (all above 300 days): $2.50 paypal, $3 BTC PornHub Premium Accounts: $2 Paypal, $2.50 BTC AirVPN Accounts: $1.50 Paypal, $2 BTC MalwareBytes Premium Accounts (Not Cracked but Cracked keys): $4 Paypal, $4.50 BTC DISCLAIMER: MIDDLEMAN CAN BE USED IF YOU WISH OR DO NOT TRUST ME BUT TAKE YOUR TIME TO LOOK AT MY REP, I DON'T MIND USING MIDDLEMAN P.s. Can a mod or whoever has permission close my other threads so that they don't get posted on and make the forums messy, i don't want to cause that.
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    We have greatly reduced the prices of our all our APEX cheats with 30% for an unknown time. That means that you now pay $100 per month for the Apex level 2 cheat! And yes, the cheats are undetected and safe to use https://hypercheats.gg/store/product/24-apex-legends-level-1/ https://hypercheats.gg/store/product/25-apex-legends-level-2/
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    Good morning all! Now that Rust and Apex are both moved back to being undetected we have given compensation days to all users who lost days due to cheats being unsafe for a certain amount of time during their subscriptions. Below a list on how you were compensated: Rust Have you bought Rust on the 13th of February or before, then you were given 9 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. Apex Have you bought Apex on the 16th of February or before, then you were given 6 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. This means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat
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    We have fixed the issues we had with EAC (both Apex and Rust)! more information for our VIPs can be found by clicking here. Happy cheating!
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    We have added some new features to Apex Legends level 2 cheat, the full features list is now: HWID spoofer! (if you previously got your PC banned in EAC games, you can play without issues again, no format required!) Internal (very good performance) Stream proof! (cheat visuals will not be visible in OBS or other screen recording software!) Menu Player ESP Visibility check Distance Health Shield indicator (appears next to health) Dedicated bleeding out/downed state Team check Advanced configuration Item ESP Dynamically group items together on the ESP to prevent screen cluttering Colored by category Adjustable distance Configurable Aimbot Advanced aimbot smoothing to make you look very legit. Prediction! (predict enemy movement and adjust aim accordingly) Target selector (change max range of targets etc.) Target lock Sticky aim (for legit players, makes your aimbot still crazy good on crazy high smoothing) Adjustable FOV Aim only at visible enemies
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    Thank you so much guys. I hope everything goes with me!