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    I have been a part of HC for 1 year now! Giveaway is pretty simple. 50$ HC Gift card so you can test one of our product! Rules- Drop a comment and you are in 🙂
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    Hi guys, I'd like to start off by apologising for the recent admin absence. Between holidays, people going away, work on trying to improve our framework and a little bit of needed time away, we're back. Properly. To start off, I'd like to assure you that all things that have caused loss of subscription time will be addressed. Tickets: The ticket system was a mess, with a multitude of repeat requests, making it literally impossible to answer queries once we got back. I've gone ahead and closed all open tickets, and I encourage you all to please re-open the ticket if you had an issue. Your previous ticket will be visible, and we will be able to determine how much time you've lost due to our absence. Please note that we are thinking of a re-vamp of the ticket system and it's currently quite cumbersome and will basically strip people away from getting help in certain situations. Please ensure that you consolidate your issues into one ticket to avoid it getting out of control. I hope the EAC and BE changes that have been implemented and are coming soon will show you that we've not in any way given up, we just took a hiatus, and now we'll be back to full capacity. Please bear with us while we attempt to make some much-needed changes on here. After lengthy discussions we've realised that our structure needed some changes, and we will be implementing those changes in the coming weeks, and anything you need to know will be communicated. Once again, please accept our apologies for the time it has taken us to get our thoughts and ideas together and to get back to servicing you at 100%. We'll make it up to you :).
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    We are back at full green and everything is marked undetected again after several of our updates. Everyone got compensated for lost days of their subscription accordingly! This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat.
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    As of right now, R6S cheat has been updated with new feature - Teleport. Any level 2 user can check it out. Teleport uses same targetting system as aimbot and its default key is N. We'll listen to your feedback and adapt everything according to your needs. Here's short video that shows how it looks live:
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    Please keep in mind that we have some very strong features planned for the future, that may require a bit more exclusivity than our standard Level 1 and 2, due to their potential impact, so we are considering adding a level 3 version of the cheat, it will add that exclusivity and reduce the impact caused, while increasing your level of fun and dominance. 'Watch this space'
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    Giving away a Nord VPN account with a subscription lasting until the year 2022! This section is very dead, no one gives anything away > This can be useful to anyone wanting to mask their IP while cheating or anything else To enter you MUST, leave a reply saying what your favorite drink is, it can be whatever you want, water, tea, coffee, coca-cola. Anything This giveaway will end on 15/08/2019 as of UK TIME (GMT +1). If you don't leave the reply of your drink you will not be able to win. A like would be appreciated but is in no way required. Winner is selected with a random name picker ❤️
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    Hello everyone! We're proud to introduce feature updates for Rust! -Fast heal (bound to F2 by default), uses your syringe instantly! -Fast item pickup (instantly moves items to or from your inventory by right clicking them) -Horse ESP -Any item held by a player is now displayed (including non-weapons) -Always day works in caves and monuments! Keep eye on rust cheat, because we plan to add even more features in the near future!
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    OFFICIAL TRUSTED HYPERCHEATS RESELLER - BANEK192 Want to purchase any cheat on this site? Its easy! You can purchase needed amount from me with many available methods and use this to pay for any software available at HC STORE. If you have any questions you also can contact me. Payment Methods & How this works: 1. Go to Store https://hypercheats.gg/store/ and find price of cheat which you need to purchase. 2. Scroll down this thread, find amount of USD similar to cheat price you need and click on payment link, then select your prefer payment method. 3. Pay using my link and go to your email. Fill out the form and you will get your choosen software within 12 hours or faster. Available payment methods: Paypal, Bank or Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard), WeChat Pay, AliPay, UnionPay, Western Union and skrill. Read more about How this works ————————————————————————————————————————— Agreement\TOS and about Refunds(BEFORE PURCHASE MAKE SURE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THIS!): How to Purchase: Have any questions? Message me! Note: I don't use Skype and not listed contacts below for any sales (If you find anyone with my name, its fake). banek192#9576 (Contact me here if you are English speaking user) Our Community| Write me (Contact me here if you are English speaking user) 940800 banek192 Banek192 E-mail: [email protected]
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    So I’ve used the DayZ cheat for 3 days. What I’ve experienced is 2 game bans on different accounts. Banned by game developer. The pros were that the HWID spoofer worked absolutely amazing. I was able to make a new steam account and play again same day. It took about half a day to be banned. I used all Of the ESP features and silent aim. All of which work absolutely awesome. Very impressed. I tried the speed hack one time and was kicked from the server but not banned. I bought the cheat when it was being tested so I am not upset about the bans. All in all I’m very very impressed with the cheat and the spoofer. Can’t wait to use it again and maybe I’ll try not using the aimbot feature and see how long I can go without being banned. Anyways I recommend the cheat to anyone! Just be careful how you use it.
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    Rainbow Six Siege Level 2 Cheat Showcase
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    OFFICIAL TRUSTED HYPERCHEATS RESELLER - mianbao Payment Methods & How this works: 1.Please go to https://hypercheats.gg/store/ to check the price of the item you want to buy. 2.go to http://mianbaoshop.com/ to purchase the gift card of the corresponding price.(PS:As a dealer I need to charge an extra fee, please forgive me for my work.) 3. Please pay attention to the email address used for payment after purchase, I will send the gift card to your email address. 4.After you pay, I will purchase the Redemption Code for the corresponding price,Just open https://hypercheats.gg/store/, click on Redeem in the Gift Cards area, and activate the Redemption Code. 5.you will NOT be automatically receivingsub. must go into the store, select you cheat that wish to purchase, checkout and change the payment method to Account Credit. Change the billing address to US, you will not need to pay VAT. 6.Due to the time difference, I will be in the US Washington time from 10 pm to 11 am. Available payment methods: Paypal, WeChat Pay, AliPay,Bank Card,America Express , JBd.(Will support more payment methods as soon as possible.) All users who use credit/debit cards get a discount and the price is reduced by an average of $4! At the same time, please respect my sales, users of malicious refunds will take legal measures, thank you for your support! Agreement\TOS and about Refunds(BEFORE PURCHASE MAKE SURE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THIS!): Contact Information Contact me via the forum.
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    Hello, so I've had around 8-10 weekly subs now over the past year. ESP 9/10 - Works flawlessly except on the Cargo ship. Aimbot 8/10 - Excellent with guns, mediocre with bows of any kind. Again, malfunctions on Cargo ship. Misc Settings 11/10 - functions such as always day, Spider-Man and debugcamera actually rocks my world. Software Performance 8/10 - Bugs & blue screens occur infrequently, perhaps once every 6 hours of consecutive gameplay. This is the best iteration of this cheat that HC have released, the performance is smooth as hell. ONE IMPROVEMENT PLEASE - add streamer mode. Love love love. Be aware once you start cheating, there's no going back. Don't make the decision lightly. Also, if you place on rustafied servers, your clan will get banned also. Thanks, D.
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    Was a little hard to track down all of the reaction clips, so some of them are missing. Nonetheless, it was a fun time. Making Rust great again ft. HyperCheats Feedback is welcomed.
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    We've updated Rust for the most recent EAC detection. Tests show it to be safe thus far. Compensation has already been given. If you need more information on how compensation works, please read: https://hypercheats.gg/topic/3946-how-we-compensate/
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    https://youtu.be/ooDxsgc1GA8 (new link) yeah boii
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    Serious warning (seriously!). The cave lighting option is currently a bit ‘strobe-lighty’ and even though such games are not recommended for people that have light induced seizures, please be warned that some strange lighting effects may occur. If you do have any kind of condition that may cause you to be unwell due to flashing lights, please ensure that you turn ‘Always Day’ off when entering caves or monuments. You have been warned.
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    Now that Rust has been moved back to being undetected (https://hypercheats.gg/status/). We have given compensation days to all users who lost days due to cheats being unsafe for a certain amount of time during their subscriptions. Below a list on how you were compensated: Rust Have you bought Rust on the 22th of July or before, then you were given 6 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat .
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    First day with HyperCheats Rust (level 2)
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    Join our Discord to purchase an account by following the instructions provided on the discord : https://discord.gg/fhEzrAG We dont just sell Rainbow Six Accounts, we sell many more, find them on our discord or in our store!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIV-9C7_Dfg 9 hours of editing over 3 days later, and the video is done. Finding different methods of transition got hard, very fast.
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    The cheat overall is great ... The protection system is fantastic I have been using it for months without bans Only some better ones would be needed: - ESP add PlayerName, Operator and esp for gadget and drones. - Ainbot on the right hand to be set with the second button (very useful against shields) For the rest, you make your conclusions with my new video! Bye! https://youtu.be/bTwQhQLo5A0
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    We've made some stability improvements to the core of our software. This should in theory make it so less crashes/BSODs occur. Please restart your computer and report any improvements/issues as you have seen, in their appropriate forums. Thanks!
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    Hi guys, Based on how much this happens, and how much extra time or potential pent up aggression it may create, I thought I'd give you a run-down of the communication path when it comes to Admins on HC. First and foremost. DO NOT use the DM system for support, you will do nothing but waste your time. 99% of responses will be very late, 80% of questions will be support related, thus ignored, 100% of the time we ignore our inboxes for days. Please stop wasting your time, and ours. We've set up the support system (https://hypercheats.gg/support/) specifically to give us an easy to answer and monitor system, it also opens up questions to multiple people that may have an answer, as opposed to just the one you are DM'ing. If you have a Technical Support/General Support/Account Support/HWID Support question, please ask it in the appropriate Support Ticket section. There is not need for myself or one of the other Devs to answer questions that are clearly explained in our Troubleshooting Guides, or our great Support staff have FAR more experience with dealing than us, since they support people with these issues on a day to day basis. Why do we ignore our inboxes so much? Literally 90% of messages that we get, are copy pastes of Support Tickets already opened, and likely answered. We can't remember what has been resolved and hasn't, and do not want to double-handle requests, as it is a massive waste of time. If you need support... Use the Ticket System provided. There are very, very few reasons that some people would have to contact an admin directly, the ticket system simply works better. We have on many occasions contemplated disabling our private messages, but we don't want to feel closed off from our community, but we also don't like getting spammed with things that simply do not require us, or have already been asked, and often answered, but please understand that if you don't get a reply for two weeks, or ever, it's likely because what you asked does not belong in our inbox. DM'ing an admin will not speed up a Support Ticket. We do our best to get to tickets within a 24 hour window at max, but please allow up to 48 hours, and do understand that opening multiple support tickets, in no way speeds up the process, if anything, it slows it down, and pisses us off. We do our best to get to our inboxes at least once a month...? See the difference? While we're on the subject... Please do not treat staff members with disrespect. They help you guys out at the cost of their own time, and HC takes great pride in taking care of our Supports. Not everyone is always going to have a positive experience from the start, like with most purchases in life, and our Supports are the reason why issues get resolved in a much more timely manner than they normally would. Please show them the respect they deserve. Sorry for the wall of text. TL;DR: Do not DM admins about support issues, use the ticket system Do not be disheartened or upset if you send a DM and it doesn't get answered, there are very few gems among the trash that is our inbox. Respect our Support team members, they are here to help. Never, ever, ever open a support ticket then DM the same thing to a staff member. Thanks. Have a great day.
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    @Mar1k accepts Debit
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    Fast, Friendly, Caring (stayed up just because I needed my order urgently!), and most importantly......CONSISTENT!!!! Overall 10/10 reseller, that I would seriously recommend! (Sorry if reseller reviews aren't allowed here, I'll take it down if you ask moderators/admins)