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  1. We have update the Apex Cheat for latest game patch and is working again! We also have compensated for the delay in updating the cheat.
  2. We have had some internal struggles, most devs split. We have a new team and cheats will get updated now and compensated for the time they weren't.
  3. It is being updated by the dev. Should be up again within 24 hours.
  4. R6S is fixed now!
  5. This should be fixed, could you restart PC and try again?
  6. We are very active working on a fix, expect it to come soon. We already re-released all cheats with crash fixes. TD2 is now the last one being double checked for missing game updates to make it fully stable again, should be done within 1 hour from now. If you want you can try TD2 again, it also got re-released just now with additional fixes.
  7. I have analyzed the problem together with @milad after our teamviewer session. Cheat is fixed downtime compensation will be added to keys as well.
  8. Yes we are taking a look. The problem is that we don't experience any of these crashes you are talking about.
  9. What was the last time you have used the cheat without problems? Also what is your windows version (run "winver" program to get exact build number)?
  10. Have you been using the test or regular loader?
  11. the game probably updated, will ask TD2 dev to check out and update for gamepatch.