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  1. Buying Bitcoin isn't hard: https://www.coinmama.com/
  2. You won't get banned at all.
  3. You can go super fast, but its best to do it in bursts. You can keep on running pretty long tho.
  4. On request from many people we have added a very powerful and fast speed hack to our Apex level 2 cheat! It is pretty much teleportation, that is how fast it is. Buy it here: https://hypercheats.gg/store/product/25-apex-legends-level-2/ Here is the menu configuration for this option: Video (recorder used streamproof function, so you don't see any cheat visuals):
  5. Redemption Code 155440X1X23FDKMWZR0 To redeem, visit https://hypercheats.gg/store/redeem/
  6. You purchased on 2nd of March 6:00 AM UTC so you did not buy before it and so do not get compensation days.
  7. Good morning all! Now that Rust and Apex are both moved back to being undetected (https://hypercheats.gg/status/) we have given compensation days to all users who lost days due to cheats being unsafe for a certain amount of time during their subscriptions. Below a list on how you were compensated: Rust Have you bought Rust on the 1st of March or before, then you were given 11 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. Apex Have you bought Apex on the 1st of March or before, then you were given 11 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat
  8. Many people hate Bitcoin for its slow confirmation time when it comes to making payments online. Lightning Network is the solution for Bitcoin to really do safe Bitcoin payments without fees, instantly. For this reason we wanted to support this new technology for Bitcoin and you can pay with it for all our products! A quick way to get started with your own Bitcoin Lightning wallet is https://bluewallet.io/ (keep in mind this is a custodial wallet, so don't put thousands of dollars on it). You can then use that wallet to pay instantly and without fees on every place that support lightning network payments, including Hypercheats! Read more: https://blog.coingate.com/2018/06/lightning-network-payments-intro/
  9. a vpn isn’t needed. its good you found us, our r6s is cheap and the safest cheat around.
  10. This doesn't make sense. He didn't even participate in this contest?
  11. RippedRobby using HyperCheats Rust level 2:
  12. joanna

    Rust Bans

    Rust does do IP ban, but it is rare. Using a VPN will fix that. You likely won't need it. The only thing you have to play with is our spoofer, which does not require you to reinstall anything, just start and play Rust again without getting HWID banned 🙂
  13. Just send 1USD then, you just need to add at least that tiny amount of BTC for the payment to get confirmed. And yes, you have to send it to the same BTC address.
  14. You only partially paid: "Waiting for buyer funds... (0.01317903/0.01321024 received with 2 confirms)"
  15. When you pay you see a BTC address and an EXACT BTC amount on your screen. You have to send at least that amount of bitcoins to that address for the payment to get accepted. I checked for you and you are 0.00001368 BTC short. So adding that or more than that too the same BTC address will allow the payment to confirm.