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  1. Excellent support team, great (no) software, they themselves are not responsible for their software. All clear
  2. So my problem will solved when i contact through my reselle to you? Reseller contact with soft support. Not?
  3. What strange? Crash report files? great supporting
  4. upd. It also happens that the visuals work in half. Seen loot, but no opponents, and in reverse
  5. Hello. That's the problem. Loader is loading soft about 15+m. After some time, after the launch of the software, wild friezes begin and eventually you have to restart the computer. When checking the game cache, one lost file is always loaded. When checking the crash, the report did not reveal any errors, although there used to be a problem with the virtual memory paging file. i5 8400 motherboard z370p d3, 8gb 2667 cl16 last bios, vt-d and integrated video core are disabled. I talked to my reseller and handed over crash reports to you through him. Can you help me? Here are the latest crash report files. CrashContext.runtime-xml CrashContext.runtime-xml