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  1. Battlefield 5 is a good game for cheating,
  2. You can, but he can't use the cheat.
  3. Hi. Your suscruption star when you buy, and for the requeriments check the faq page.
  4. zoK1


    Hypercheats are the best cheats in the market (public), you can trust in the dayz cheat.
  5. Hi. If is a technical problem with the sofware is the job of the support team, but if you buy throught a reseller you need to contact him.
  6. The developer is not the support, he make the cheats. And for your support you need to contact your reseller.
  7. Hi. The forum is for support for people who buy in the store. If you buy throught a reseller you need to contact him for support. Have a nice day.
  8. You use the cheat in investigating/testing, you use in your own risk.
  9. Good video! Make more!
  10. Excelent testimonials.
  11. Good Review. Thanks for buy hypercheat!