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  1. I buy some keys and i need to sell it. $9 for each key.
  2. zoK1

    Good bye

    Hc is die.. i try to help and they only want more money.. Thansk dude.
  3. zoK1

    Good bye

    Good bye. Good luck.
  4. zoK1

    Check out

    Hi. You will get what you paid, the information is for the safe of owners.
  5. Hi. If you play rage and don't play legit you will be banned. Next time play legit with a little aimbott and esp and you will be fine.
  6. The cheats for pc don't work in ps4 and xbox one.
  7. Amazing review, thanks for sharing!
  8. If your hwid is banned, reformatting will do anything.
  9. Sorry about that, but is the only who can help you.
  10. Hi. If you buy throw a reseller he is your support.