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  1. @Naton Really ? x) Never got banned?
  2. @Naton Ahah true i want play legit like on R6S ^^ R6S : Smooth : 4 FOV : 150 ESP : Disable 😄
  3. Good morning, everyone,I want to start by thanking hypercheats, because your cheat is just incredible, I’ve been here for a while, at the time of your cheating Fortnite.I’m sorry if my English isn’t perfect, I’m French.So for starters I’m going to talk about aimbot.Aimbot: 10/10Really perfect, with the enemy option visible only, the FOV circle, aimbot is really discreet and realistic, be able to have two keys of the keyboard for the aimbot very nice, and choose the distance of activation.I will now talk about ESPESP: 10/10Really perfect again so many options, as well as the maximum distance of the esp to stay really legit, on this point nothing to say, just great.Misc: 7/10Far from being perfect, some option is missing, such as No Recoil, or I don’t know a lot of other fun things! Just the StreamProof is good, and crosshair.And finally my config:Aim FOV: 300Smoothness: 11Aim distance: 150ESP:Only Thick Bone and healthDistance: 300mOne thing to say, it's awesome and thank you HC!and the spoofer works perfectly.
  4. KsTeZ


    Yeah me too need reseller !