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  1. 最慢不会超过24小时,找reseller确实会慢一点,没有办法。比特币的话一般10分钟
  2. I am guessing no more than 2 weeks, be patient
  3. 支持,我用了两个星期没啥问题
  4. lulala79


    There are very few cheat channel have 100k subs, I dont think they require that many. Yeah trying aint bad
  5. lulala79


    Sorry to hear that, I know you are struggling with uploading HQ videos, sponsorship needs a HQ videos on a channel with many and active subs.Anyway, good luck with your sponsorship, I think you can just PM them
  6. lulala79


    you do have 4k subs, but most videos only have 40 views. Some of your videos even have 0 views. So good luck with you sponsorship
  7. For me its really not funny... If you could be legit and stream sniping him, he just gonna say: oh a good player, instead of saying you trash hacker, that would be more fun to me. But raging or legit is totally up to you xD Its just my personal feeling
  8. thanks, but after i press f10, I have to restart game to open game ui right?