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  1. if anywant to do cashapp to btc or let me buy gc with cashapp lmk
  2. never play on the rusty servers u will get ban quick
  3. like for ME i dont play on very well known servers for example like the rusty servers because those servers have a different way to check for cheats if im not wrong. From experience i had like 15 rust accounts ban in 2 weeks just playing on rusty servers, so he knows how to find hackers easily (unless private obv 🙂 ). Furthermore, I usually get on servers that have 50ish people on and a server that isnt well known and I usually last the whole wipe.
  4. https://shoppy.gg/@BakerYaMaker https://i.imgur.com/tFJ1mLv.png Works Online!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF GIFTCARD EVER DOESNT HAVE DESIRE BALANCE PM ME ON DISCORD: Baker#2467 AND ILL GIVE U REFUND
  5. Yes, you have to buy new account each time u get ban
  6. its bitcoin u gotta wait brotha. Once i had to wait 24 hours to get a rust account
  7. The cheat, in general, is really good I'll give it to them, but there a few things I wish they would fix up. The support is great, but I gotta give it to @Synth being the carry in the support team also @Korean. Synth would offer to team viewer with me to actually do it and solve many of my problems. 1. All my accounts would last from 10 hours - 3 days (hwid spoof, VPN, everything the support says to do) 2. The fact that there many people in the discord complaining about bans and the mods simply say, "it's you guys our testers are fine " like bro we spent 250$ like I think we know if it's detected or not. Im also sick of hearing "Im going to tell the dev" like if they want to anonymous I respect that, but there should be ways where they can tell us what's going. Like using telegram, jabber. 3. Almost spending more money on the account than the cheats. Yes, this is true many people buy lots of accounts here: http://steamby.ru/ (8$) almost 72$ in accounts in one month( FOR ME ) Some people get a ban like every day or even every 20 mins so they spend even more money just to play. 4. So I thought to myself why don't I just play legit and only use a hwid spoof. So you think Im fine right. WRONG !!!!!!! I lasted for 1 day and its https://gyazo.com/09ff4eea9e463d02bb92ce86cb542b12 UNDETECTED!!!!?!?!? hmmm crazy how that works. I posted in discord and even the hypercheats chat and got no response and I know some admin or mod was on because they were just typing like 2 mins before me. 3. need to change the status for often so we get our compensation because I can barely play a whole 1-week wipe w/o getting ban. I understand that you can never make an undetectable, but having spent lots of money on accounts just to enjoy a game is not worth it for me in my opinion. For like people like @Seven77 who spent lots of money on accounts get banned within 20 min - 3 hours and the reports and nobody says anything. 4. And yes I watched all the videos read the announcements about updates and still getting banned. 5. It seems like whenever they make a new cheat for a new game they stop paying much attention to other games so much. Like they constantly update apex!!! (check the discord) 6. Also, u gotta understand rust isn't a free game so we gotta always spend money to play. Like if i got cheats of apex i wouldn't care about getting banned because I can just make a new account. Shitttttt I wish rust was that easy. In conclusion, I really enjoy the cheat when using them, but you don't really last that long even not raging. My friend @C0deAssass1n was deadass afk in the base for 1 hour and got game ban w/o even moving one step and the cheats were in "undetected" and yes he spoofs hwid had custom sock5 and everything.
  8. AHAHHAH Good luck unpacking this shit. These devs know there shit
  9. they want to use btc because it is safer and what there doing is illegal.
  10. yee u last like 5-12 hours 😛