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  1. yea its crashing badly. i just got word to format pc...like damn son...
  2. as soon as any cheat gets in trouble, devs post on this web where u can see status. i dont play any games but PUBG only and i can vouch 4+ months ud
  3. well title pretty much says it all. is bitcoin only way of buying or other crypto is an option also
  4. hey ,yea every surgery has its dangers,this one is no difference. op as itself isnt that complicated but all the therapy prior and post is kinda shitty cuz ill have to take immunesupressive therapy which kinda sux shit but ill fucking do anything to get away from dialysis. thanks everyone for kind words🤗❤
  5. i just got call from hospital they found kidney for me, tomorrow at 2pm im flying for my check ups and after 2 years of dialysis to get back to normal life again.when i get back pubg better be sorted out 😛
  6. im glad devs are aware of the issue and working on solution for us
  7. for me update did nothing,freezing just as same as before sadly. i wouldnt say anything but i see many others have same issue. im sad cuz chair worked so bloody good for past 20+ days no crashes
  8. yep. same. for me in some cases i dont even enter the game it freezes
  9. im talking about pubg. but from what i see r6 is no difference
  10. everything latest update, 5 min into game pc just freezes
  11. ive done literally EVERY SINGLE STEP from trouble shoot. like i said cheat worked great for 20+ days after all those crashes 2 months ago,today cheat started acting by freezing my pc
  12. already done that 2 months ago
  13. what the hell did you guys do? for almost month cheat was working great.
  14. nopes still freeze for me too.
  15. I got new loader but freeze still there. i wasnt able even to get into the game,it froze on desktop as soon as i pressed load level 2