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  1. thanks for haste reply. I will check as soon as i get home. cheers
  2. Hi all! Finally i got info loader is working and I got home, lit up the game aaaaannndddd... no go..Sadly it loads normaly but menu does not show up nor esp or anything. Before someone goes contact your reseller and he told me that pubg didnt get update after latest 670MB update few days ago. Im not asking for ETA but is there chance it will be soon. Also i know you guys gave 2 days baack due to loader not working but will there be any compensation for pubg due to down time? cheers
  3. bro ive been using hc for a year and despite all crashes and freezes here and there, to me its one of the best public hax out there with beautiful esp and aimbot which is so precise its not even funny lol,i have removed sticky aim so i miss shots haha. i really hope devs can fix this and hopefully give time lost
  4. fck i paid for month last night lol... people on epvp saying its exit scam... i hope not man cuz devs have been away how long now?
  5. so word is on epvp devs ran away or some shit like that. i got level 2 pubg last month and game has been broken almost full month i had no items at all. my reseller was banek and he tries contacting devs/mods , but no answer at all. i really like HC so i got another month and now after 600mb update CHEAT IS USELESS cuz it cant even inject... this month my reseller was Mar1k and he also said devs give 0 fucks for long time. so my question is why do you guys sell product that IS NOT what you claim to be? thats irresponsible and in the end A REAL DICK MOVE to your customers, showing you guys care only for cash ...
  6. is there anyone from mods that can confirm that pubg levl 2 is detected? used spoofer and before clear data and bot ingame. banek tried to contact devs but no one is answering. its kinda lame since i still have 15 days left and i cant use the chair...
  7. i wanna give you guys a heads up as pubg has been detected. got 2 previous bans which i could attribute to gameplay eventhough ive been using hc for long time and didnt have issues, but with this account i joined TRAINING. before i used clear tracking data,restarted and i used spoofer. maybe cheat itself isnt detected,maybe its spoofer but something IS detected.
  8. at the moment when you reach top 10 it is. when you lock on someone you get freeze or just crash on desktop. pubg lvl2
  9. yea its crashing badly. i just got word to format pc...like damn son...
  10. as soon as any cheat gets in trouble, devs post on this web where u can see status. i dont play any games but PUBG only and i can vouch 4+ months ud
  11. well title pretty much says it all. is bitcoin only way of buying or other crypto is an option also
  12. hey ,yea every surgery has its dangers,this one is no difference. op as itself isnt that complicated but all the therapy prior and post is kinda shitty cuz ill have to take immunesupressive therapy which kinda sux shit but ill fucking do anything to get away from dialysis. thanks everyone for kind words🤗❤