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  1. Does the PUBG hacker support the W10 1809 system?
  2. baisheng001

    New pricing!

    For some Asian players, the purchase is of course wanting to buy a monthly package, but the monthly package price has not changed.
  3. baisheng001

    New pricing!

    @Drogo Rust hacker level 2, should be the same as PUBG price 200 no knife, that would be great
  4. Rust 2 hacker, the price of 200 US dollars in January, the public is easy to accept, because many countries do not have the dollar value of money, 250 dollars into their own country's money, is a lot of money, 200 dollars in January, I can Accept, but this kind of thing should not happen
  5. The rust hacker is 250 dollars. In China, it has too much proportion, 200 dollars. I think he will sell very hot in China.