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  1. I agree with you, and I know its a lot of work but I think there is so many things who can be done in a fast time, or should have been made since many times now... An exemple :
  2. Eh, because it's maybe not my work to make cheats, each his work... sorry but there is nothing to do with what I said. And don't act like you know better than everyone else. I'm just saying that would be better to focus on cheat who is actually working. I prefer to have only 1 cheat whos working 100% with no issues, than have the choice between 10 with some issues/problems. Because the more cheats they do, the more work they have to focus on certains cheats... And I don't wanna wait for months sometimes for fixing an issue in the game I play. It was just my point of view about it.
  3. I'm out but, should be better to fix existing cheats before make and make some others....?
  4. Actually its impossible to not have bsod. Listen, I had bsod with with previous PC, even with clean install, all steps followed.. Now I got the same with my new PC, 1-2 bsod maximum per day. They really need to fix this and fast, its been since more than 6 months that I have some bsod, and even if it's one per day, it still too much.
  5. If im not wrong you must be vip (mean you must buy one of the cheat you want)
  6. rs6 is undetected since more than 1 year, but you can still be ban (report, manual ban) if you playing too much obvious.. Play smart, and the most legit possible and you will have no pb 🙂 there is some guides how to start the loader etc...
  7. This my review of PUBG LEVEL 1. I used the Level 1 in the past for 2 months (6 months ago, in January).. So I can compare the differences now, in its entirety. + Less crashs than before but still here (crash/bsod) + ESP working like as he should do it + Fast support + 1+ year safe! - Fps drop. Unlike the game which has seen a clear improvement in the fps, since the first time I used HC (6 months ago), I didn't saw any improvement in term of fps, still too much drops. As a reminder, I'm just using Level 1 with Boxes enabled, 250m... - The lack of features. I know it's only a Level 1, but it should be full in term of visual, for the price we paid : - Loot (2D Box, Name, Distance, Equipment, Weapon, Attachment, Ammunition, Use, AirDrop, Filter, Dead), - Vehicle ( 2D Box, Name, Distance, Boat), - Radar, should be added, Im not using all of this but should be a great idea. - The lack of customization (features). Guys... Really? During all this time, no one thought to add like : Color Manager, Bind Manager, Spectator count, and a useful one to permit to save and load your config (what you using etc...), because it's so annoying each time you load, to turn on/off each features you want or not. Personally, I just want/using boxes only, but I don't want this f**** health bar and the small dot on the head, come on, why no one had the idea the permit to turn on/off each features... Well, I will recommend HC for sure, the cheats are safe and trusted, and the support is here. But imo, for the price I think there is not enough stuff (or reduce the price then) in the level 1. If level 1 has visuals, then put it on everything like loot, vehicle etc... Not only on players, if not, make a Level 1, 2 and 3 then... I don't understand how some smalls features can't be add during all this time... Like I said, Color Manager, Bind Manager, Spectator count, save and load your config... To finish, during this last 6 months (first time I tried this cheat), I will hope for a big improvement in the fps/bsod, but it's far from being there... Rageman99.
  8. Hi, I have used PUBG LVL 1, in the past (like 6-7 months ago), I was really happy about the product, even if at this time, it was not too stable (many crash/BSOD) and some fps drop even with clean windows, and all steps applied. I'm interested to retry, but I wanna be sure it's worth 100% for my money right now. So how is the performance right now (fps, crash, etc) ? Thanks.
  9. I can understand but no one forced you to cheat, if you think its so expensive don't buy then. Business is business... Imo.
  10. PUBG LEVEL 1 (ESP ONLY) : 8/10 I choose LEVEL 1 because I wanted to have an advantage but stay the most legit possible. Well the ESP is close to be perfect. You can custom as you want, between some features like Bones, Health or Distance, personally I play only with Box and distance (200m max). I tested Bones (Skeleton), is pretty nice but sometimes some enemy look like they surfing, (The bones stay motionless). I think it could be good to have the option to disable the Health bar, to have something 100% customizable. About performances, I stopped to use Bones because it took too many Fps for me, around 20, so I just use Box. I know the soft take many ressources, it's logic but in my opinion it take too much because since around a week and a half I have probably a drop of 40-80 fps. So its like I pass to 160 to 90 or 120 to 50 for exemple, I can reach 35 fps at start in hotdrop. I don't know what happened because it was "ok" before, and its running perfect without the soft. And I know its not coming from my PC because it was the same problem on both version (1803 and 1809), and I followed all step before run the loader, and I have a good pc, so I hope admin will notice that and try maybe to fix sometimes if there is? So that why I did not put 9/10. About stability, well it's night and day. I started to play with 1809 and I had so many BSOD/crash. But I followed the way which had been recommended so I Formated to 1803, and now it's working perfectly, not even one problem.