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  1. Im Selling x2 Grid 2 CD-Keys for 5$ each, these are keys ive been given and i dont want, so im choosing to sell them, if you wish to purchase one or both of the cd keys just message me and i will send you my PayPal email and you will send the money to that email, after i recieve the money i will send you the key. If you wish to have more proof i will send a part of the cd-key to show that it exists. https://imgur.com/a/Vwf8v34
  2. Sent the gift card really fast, im redeeming the code rn and cant wait to play rust again 😄 +rep he is cheaper than everyone else and just as fast if not faster, so thanks my guy, u helpin me out 👌
  3. if you bought through a reseller yes?
  4. I want to buy the rainbow 6 sub that way i can use the HWID Spoofer to play rust, since the status in on investigating, i'm wondering if/ how many people are getting banned? i dont want to buy the cheat only for the hwid spoofer for rust to get detected. Rather wait till its back 😄
  5. just remember if you get a hwid id ban dropped on you, you may never be able to play legit again without a hwid spoofer or new computer
  6. Thanks for doing this giveaway man! keeping the community thriving as usual 😄 good luck guys 🙂