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  1. Hi @killmenow The weird thing is i barely did use my 1day subscription because i had so many issues getting it to run smoothly. I belive i have used it for approx 3hour total, the only time i really used the aimbot was at military tunnel, since it was lagging so much that i was afraid to use it on players. SteamID: 76561198026104058 But again maybe i have just been unlucky, will test again next week, just need to downgrade to 1809
  2. The account i cheated with on saturday/sunday was banned 6 hours ago (Rust level 2, No rage) prolly delayed bans?
  3. Hi Guys, I have tried the cheat with both Win 1809 and 1903 version. Here is my experience about which Win version i prefer Quick Specs: CPU: I7 8086k Ram:32GB GPU: 1080TI ROG Win version 1809 The Rust cheat went flawless in the verseion 1809 (Average FPS of 80) Win version 1903 However in Win version 1903 i had alot of trouble getting the cheat to work. When login in to the loader it keept saying that changes was made to the PC and i had to restart. I then restarted and the same message came up. After restarting 4-5 times i then right clicked start as administrator. This did the trick and i could now use the spoofer. However when loading the cheat i got blue screen and PC restarted. After 30-40 mins of trying i suddenly got it to work, this lasted for 2-3 hours then suddenly my PC restarted while in game. (This has never happend before) FPS when useing the cheat in 1903 has decreased alot actually (40-50) So i would recommend everyone to keep useing Win version 1809 untill it has been optimised even more for 1903. Hope this can be somewhat usefull 🙂
  4. Hi Luke, In case you dont want to pay the "fee" for the bitcoin's that are the only way to buy the cheat, you would have to find somebody else that can sell you bitcoin without taking a fee. (I belive they are very hard to find) Then you need a bitcoin wallet etc which you can read more about by browsing the forum. Currently i belive theres only 2 resellers available, so you wont have many options in that regard 🙂
  5. stime


    No Problem, i would allways recommend buying a "Smurf" account, i myself find some cheap accounts that are ready to be played here: https://www.g2g.com/rust/account-24849-24850 Otherwise i would find them on HC, sometimes people have some great offers on rust accounts!
  6. stime


    Hi Luke, I have been using the level 2 cheat all weekend, my account havent been banned so i belive the cheat is now undetected as the status says 🙂 However since it is a cheat there's allways a risk.. I have bought 2 accounts where one of them were banned after 3 days. Nothing is 100% Safe but i belive HC is providing the most secure cheat out there atm.
  7. Hi wesnawpunk44, I am not able to cancel since the order did expire 😞
  8. Hi Naton, I had 8$ left from a redeemed code i previously bought. I then ordered a Cheat and used the code, however i dident complete the order since i dident have the balance. Now my 8$ is gone from my account since the order expired. Am i to get those back or are they spent on the expired order? :)
  9. Hello! I were thinking about renewing my Rust license, i therefor wanted to check the price since VAT has been added. I then placed in the 8$ from my account but the order expired. Are these money lost now or are they getting back at some point? Just need to know how much i should buy from a reseller.