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  1. Have you tried the test loader?
  2. Yea it's crashing for me too, usually after a game now. Just hang tight and they'll figure it out.
  3. You could always wait, but I've never encountered a problem where I had to wait too long or even wait at all.
  4. It is not detected but there was a huge update so they are most likely patching it up. Should be up in no time, don't hesitate to buy.
  5. End of the day its really up to you. If you're obviously cheating don't expect to not get banned. Play it safe and as legit as possible and there will be a less chance of a ban.
  6. Apolo


    I believe all cheats are Windows 10 only.
  7. If you bought the cheat during a known detection / testing phase, you don't get compensated. However if you bought the cheat then it got detected, I believe a compensation will be given automatically withing 48 hours. If you did not receive it within that time frame you should contact an admin.