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  1. Now both levels are stream proof!
  2. The cheat is under testing atm which means Cheat can be used, but it is unknown if it is 100% safe and you can check the status of the cheat at https://hypercheats.gg/status/
  3. Acus64


    You have to contact either @Mar1k @banek192 they accept a lot of payments including credit cards. They use oplata.info and there you just write your credit card info. If you need any more help then either pm me on hypercheats or add me on discord!
  4. Depends on if you buy with btc or reseller. Btc takes 30 to 90 minuites after payments is sent, and then admins rewiev the payment. Resellers depends but use max 24 hours
  5. Level 1 has HWID spoofer! (if you previously got your PC banned in EAC games, you can play without issues again, no format required!) Internal (very good performance) Stream proof! (cheat visuals will not be visible in OBS or other screen recording software!) Menu Player ESP Visibility check Advanced configuration Team check Health Distance All other features are lvl 2.
  6. Just make a paypal account and add the card to that account.
  7. No, you need to have intel viritualisation in your cpu which is only on intel cpus.
  8. Yes you are contact either @Mar1k or @banek192 They are approved resellers and work with the website. They accept paypal, credit card, bank transfer and so on.
  9. Coinpayments usually use 30 min to an hour to confirm the payment.
  10. The winner has ben drawn: Pashz! Please dm me to get your winnings.
  11. League cheats for csgo would be great, really hard to find and many people are intrested in such a cheat.
  12. that is better, but again i dont think that the team would bother to add this 😞
  13. Auto looting is sometimes very iritating, especially with your main weapons, so the chance of this being added is small.
  14. There is no possibility to use it on console. If you want to use the cheat you need intel lvirtualizationwhich, almost all processors after the fourth generation of i3, i5 and i7. If you have a amd processor or have a processor pre fourth gen there is no way to run the cheat and no refunds.