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  1. And I can't handle your low IQ
  2. Not from this forum, and i can't give you any sources, you need to do it on your own.
  3. Since the game has little to no client-side anti-cheat, you can probably find one by googling, or paying someone to do it.
  4. Use the left side of your brain to read the guides before using the product. It's supposed to remove your license, as the guide says. Nonetheless, use the cheat on a seperate drive with a clean windows install to avoid BSODs and other problems.
  5. No, just an intel cpu with virtualization.
  6. Use the cheat on a clean windows install, not your main system.
  7. Dunno, but IP bans are unreliable and dumb, I doubt it.
  8. Just wait it out like the rest of us, nothing is perfect. And it never hurts to "hodl" bitcoin!
  9. DaddyH


    A HWID reset costs you money to do, mostly for security reasons. Not sure what you mean by "unbind". In future, it's recommended to use a clean windows install for cheating so false HWID changes can't happen.
  10. DaddyH


    HC has a hwid spoofer on every cheat. Just click on "Yes" when it asks if you want to use it.
  11. The site was down for around 8 hours, fyi. And once again, why would you buy BTC before trying the promo code? And the "staff members also have families and other activities" statement is still valid, and will always be.
  12. Insult you? Don't be so sensitive. And it is still being advertised because the staff isn't being so active right now. And why would you buy BTC before trying the promo code?