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  1. BTC transactions for HC (6 confirmations) take around 30min-1h. If the address was wrong, your wallet/service might warn you about it, but if you sent it to a valid address, your BTC is gone forever.
  2. But you just gave the email and password for everyone to use. You could atleast DM him and not reply on a public thread.
  3. I believe most of them support AMD because they don't use a hypervisor like HC does, AFAIK. I don't know the reason why HC doesn't make an AMD hypervisor, but I've heard it's hard to do/maintain. EDIT: After a quick glance, it seems like there's only one open source AMD hypervisor available, but it's really barebone. And Intel has multiple very well documented and full-fledged hypervisors meant to virtualize the currently running system.