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  1. Korean

    R6S Lvl2 Montage

    This go should go pro
  2. Surprised ur still around, nice to see.
  3. No idea, maybe numbers.city
  4. Going to hide un-needed comments and lock the thread. Please don't mention/shit talk other providers here by name. We appreciate the love for hypercheats but do not want to beat others by shit talking, quality and user experience is how we want to win in the end. We know we provide the best 😉
  5. What do you mean? You are VIP. You must realise there is alot of people buying through him. Patients is key.
  6. Bump, selling it for only 80 USD
  7. Hey guys, I've decided the main winner will be @Boss for this competition. HOWEVER I will be rewarding EVERYONE who participated due to the efforts being generally high and trying to be creative. Thanks everyone who came! Give me some time to give you ur gifts.
  8. Selecting winners today, stay tuned