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  1. We have a guide like this hidden for a reason, because they can use keys such as this as a way to ban you according to Joanna. But cool anyways
  2. Go via a reseller then and use CC / Paypal etc.
  3. I believe either @Nate or @hexzz plays TD2, you can PM them to ask if they still work, I have not used myself
  4. There is always talks, really depends on time/potential gain from said product etc and a bunch of other things, nothing set in stone though however the people will know when something is released.
  5. I'd expect resellers to reply within 24 hours. Also, are you using test or normal loader? Try using normal loader only after you got another HWID reset.
  6. Support is a volunteer position/we offer to people who want to, nobody gets paid, and yet I think we have some of best support to exist. Care to go ahead and post some SS of these "entitled" supports (pm me) ? I really doubt that happend... If it did then it will get fixed
  7. No, we provide guides though to upgrade once vip
  8. Yes some dates were messed up internally and It got talked about, should be fixed rather soon