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  1. In addition to my first post, can you please provide me with your payment email address. In case of a refund the money will be sent to that PayPal account.
  2. Hi there, First and foremost, I do not see any reason why you would have to create such a big scene around this matter, you have sent me a private message 9 hours ago. While I completely understand your concerns sometimes things are unavoidable. According to my data I did succesfully issue a refund on your order 1 month ago. PayPal held the payment for 14 days as it has not yet been cleared to begin with. I will check up on my PayPal account as soon as I am home. Kind Regards, Interloyd
  3. If you purchase via a re-seller, they are the ones covering the fees. - Converting Paypal money into money in their bank, comes with fees. - Purchasing BTC to pay us, comes with fees. - Making a profit, requires a fee. - Taking a risk, deserves a fee. Re-sellers have to take quite a risk every time they accept a payment, and it must be worth it for them. If something goes wrong, the re-seller must still make the payment to us, or they risk losing us as a supplier, which means they will try to cover their backs, and will have to make their time worth while. If you wish to avoid the higher fees, feel free to purchase via our store, through BTC.
  4. User opened a dispute, thread can be closed.
  5. Nothing in this world is flawless, even computers, I know it is tedious especially when buying cheats for a game you like. It will be taken care of.
  6. In further response to the private message conversation that we have had a few minutes ago. The gifting system did not function correctly. This was not the intended outcome and this issue is out of my reach and beyond the powers that I have around the forum. I have notified @Drogo @slav & @joanna regarding the flaw and I am confident that either they will resolve the issue once they manually verify the payment. You do not have to wait for an extra email, one of the 3 administratos will review the payment, and you will either hear from one of us 4 or you will log into your forum account on a later date to see your subscription being active. I hope you are well informed at this point.
  7. Interloyd


    After your payment went through your forum account will be placed in the VIP usergroup, which wil give you access to specific section of the forum. Posts containing information on how to set it up, troubleshooting topic, as well as FAQ's. The software is bound to your HWID (Hardware), this means that you are unable to run the software on a different system after your first login. You are not being charged automatically, although you will receive an invoice that you can pay to extend your subscription. HyperCheats.gg accepts Bitcoin as their main payment method, if you are unable to get Bitcoins you can purchase the cheat from resellers.
  8. I'll instantly send the payment information to the administrators, who will then activate your subscription manually. It could take up to 24 hours, but I have seen them online a few minutes ago so it could also be within an hour.
  9. 1. I'd personally create a new account if I were to cheat on it. 2. Completely random and relys on many other factors, that's part of the cheating scene. 3. Could be possible, also unknown for everyone. 4. Yes, that's a legit website, it's mine.
  10. Did you purchase using Bitcoins, or did you use a reseller. Bitcoin payments are instant, while reseller purchases take a little while to manually activate.
  11. Here is a link that will redirect you to the Apex Legends store page click here
  12. You will have to purchase a cheat license in order to view that page.
  13. It would be very useful to share some extra information regarding the error you are receiving. How, when and where did you receive the error?
  14. You can find a list of resellers, and their accepted payment methods on the right side of the forum.