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  1. Hi, nothing is currently supported by AMD. (Including the spoofer)
  2. Hi, yes, the spoofer is included with every cheat.
  3. Okay, Go to the unban guide found here: Download the ISO and Rufus and use Rufus to put the ISO on a USB, then boot into the USB with bios and reinstall windows with it.
  4. Hi, when you launch the loader it will ask you if you want to spoof, you can press "yes" or "no". Everything is together 🙂
  5. Naton


    Hi, the fortnite cheat does not exist anymore.
  6. Hi, Open a ticket to get it fixed https://hypercheats.gg/support
  7. Naton

    R6 Siege

    Hi, yes,the cheat is already updated after the latest season patch.
  8. Hi, you can talk with the resellers to maybe try and work something out, you can find theme here: https://hypercheats.gg/forum/30-pay-with-paypal-credit-card-wechat-alipay-etc/
  9. Security updates take time. Just be patient.
  10. Hi, yes the cheat is safe, you can use https://hypercheats.gg/status to check.
  11. Currently the cheat is in testing, https://hypercheats.gg/status bans are occuring, playing low-key will not make a difference against any detections. 🙂
  12. Hi, "updated" means that the cheat works for the latest game patch and "status" means the security/safeness of the cheat.
  13. Naton

    R6 cheat

    Hi, yes it was updated. 🙂
  14. Hi, please check status, https://hypercheats.gg/status
  15. Hi, the the cheat has been undetected for 10+ months, you can use https://hypercheats.gg/status to check, I believe all features are working currently, except I think Silent aim is disabled right now, I will have to double check.