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  1. What is your issue? Add me on discord Naten#1234
  2. + Yes if you are getting HWID bans, 45 minutes sounds about right. HWID bans are usually quick, Detection is usually hours delayed in waves.
  3. Hi, please report to your reseller, this site is only support from people that bought here.
  4. Hi, please contact your reseller, although I will test this too!
  5. Hi, Level 1 has been removed and there is only ONE level now. Although pricing is now cheaper!
  6. Make sure to always enable 2FA in settings: https://hypercheats.gg/settings/
  7. Please contact your Banek for support if you are not a VIP on the forums, if you use key, only your re-seller can support you.
  8. stayathome hahaha
  9. Hi, yes, compensation will be given after update and there is no ETA, but it appears there was a stability update.
  10. Hi, please contact your reseller for support.
  11. I added you on DC for support

  12. Naton

    DayZ SA

    Contact Naten#1234 on discord I will support you