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  1. why am I being ignored?
  2. Hello dear HC team. I wanted to know if HC is planning or already working on silent aim for apex? Do we get this function in HC apex by any chance?
  3. Congratulations Treetardo, you are the winner! Check PM for your gifts 🙂
  4. Hello everyone. I am giving away russian socks5 proxies that will expire at august 10. They are not public, login+pw attached as well. You can simply post here to participate, winners will be choosen within 2-3 days. If there are 10+ replies to this post within 1 day then winners will be choosen same day. If there is only 1 reply to this post within 3 days then that person will automatically become the winner. Good luck!
  5. Thank you zoK1, it's my first time selling something in internet, so I might need some luck too 😄
  6. Hello dear friend. This topic hurts my eyes for a second day so i decided to write a small reply. Having such situation is always sad and unlikely as for you and as for admins definitely. As of my experience in HC, a person who had similar difficulties too, and in some cases even more than you, I can tell you for sure that HC has got some of the best support and admin staff. The main issue in your situation is that you keep pointing about "I paid for hack" and you demand instead of asking. If such payment was so important for you that it's unacceptable for you to waste days on solving issues that came up, then maybe you should first waste days carefully reading all forum post related to downloading, installing, hack requirements and reading some user report posts as well about issues that might happen on first usage, and only after it buy the hack. Website is fully user friendly and it contains nearly full information about any situation, starting from first time usage. I would never reply to this post if i wouldn't have similar experience in this site as I mentioned previously, so please do not generalize this situation by saying worst support. My advice - don't blame others for your unwillingness to read and don't demand instead of asking, so people here will always help you out even if it was your own fault. Have a nice day and hope you (and anyone else) never run into such situation
  7. Hello everyone! 🙂 I am selling Apex legends accounts Accounts levels: Between lvl40 - lvl100 Activity: Inactive since April 2019 Legendary & Epic skins: Yes, each account has got several, for weapons as well Heirloom: Yes Price: 39.99$ - 59.99$ (Can be exchanged for HC sub as well) Stock: Limited Feel free to message me for more information or further discussion
  8. I surely understand that but i see other speedhcackers in apex so i don't think it's impossible, but one again, i don't wanna sound unfrateful, i'm just pointing issues. Another big issues is that hack doesn't show any gold weapons...i mean...that sucks...
  9. Hi Slav. Thank you very much for fast response and nearly instant reaction. I appreciate it fully. I checked it out and want to write few words about it. - Finally headshot is added and the difference now is super huge as expected! Thanks for adding it! ❤️ -New loader is cool as well, i like it very much. To be clear, hack got an huge improvement at this stage. I just also want to be loyal and say few more words about what else is missing but i hope i don't sound ungrateful. 1. Gold backpack still doesn't show even if u turn on legendary items 2. Speedhack still kicks you. 3. Aimbot doesn't hit moving targets correctly, it feels like there is no prediction set so it just aims directly on enemy even if he runs to some direction, but it should aim infront of him or above him or below him, predicting movements and jumps up or down. U know what i mean. It feels most when u use wingman or snipers But this is all, really, everything else is nearly perfect and i am very happy to be heard by you and added this new function, which, as i mentioned, has made super huge difference in gameplay and satisfying feelings, thank you once again. Sticking with hypercheats for sure and impatiently waiting for these updates. With love ❤️
  10. Well i guess things are not gonna change any soon, good bye hypercheats
  11. I don't know when it was back in the day, but definitely there is no head aim for last 50 days, and the game is 2 month old. So if it's right what you are saying then i guess it has existed for 1-2 days, however i have never seen it. The problem with apex hack here is this: We have aimbot but it has no head aim We have item esp but it doesn't show the gold backpack We have speedhack but it doesn't work In other words, here is a hack that has everything except most powerful and most important features. Now go and fight against enemies that have this all.
  12. Hello. My time is over and i am about to leave hypercheats because of 1 single option that is really critical. It's the headshot option in aimbot of APEX. There are hundred of cheaters already in apex, half server is cheating and i spectate tons of gameplays after death. Every time i die is because enemy has head aim option so he just headshots everybody and everything. It's nearly impossible to outplay another cheater with hypercheats apex aimbot, just because there is no head aim option. I like hypercheats very much but this already hurts, same situation over and over in every 2nd game, or sometimes even few games in a row. I am begging you add head aim option asap, it's really destroying me. I am using apex hack since release so i think it's not about my patience, it's just a time that head aim is a must because servers are just full of aimboters. Normally there is no game that you are the only cheater and if it happens to face enemy cheater straight face to face, as mirage says - boom, you'r dead!
  13. Well, thanks for information, will try to wait as much as possible but i think you shouldn't care for whiners who ragehack and whine here for being banned or saying it's detected. But ragehack option must exist for the ones who doesn't care for being banned but cares for killing everybody or hates to be killed by some random ragehacker
  14. Hello dear developers. I have been talking about this in chat a lot lately, and checking out every day to see if it happens but still no changes. So i decided to make this post and have your attention because i find this critical and very needed. The aimbot in apex legends doesn't have headshot option, it aims on body only(chest). You might get lucky sometimes to move your cursor up and hit 1-2 headshots but it's a full luck and nothing special. I am begging you please add a head aim for this perfect hack, other cheaters are killing me because they have that option, so no matter how good i position or even if i start shooting them first, they can kill me with half mag while i can't kill them even with full mag sometimes (for example Wingman does 45dmg per body shot and 90-110 if headshot). This was just an example of most popular weapon, but u can see that the difference is too big. It sucks to not have headshot option in aimbot, I am begging you please make this option because this is the most important feature for aimbot, especially in a game like apex, where headshot matters! Another critical issue is the gold backpack, i have hada thread already for this but it still has no fix. Gold backpack is the best item in apex legends and it hurts to have item esp but miss that overpowered item. Or if you can fix the speedhack back then everything else can wait. Speedhack is the most fun and most powered feature out there, i just doubt that it is possible to fix it back so that's why i am asking about headshot and gold backpack. These are the only reasons that would make me not renew my sub because everything else is perfect and service in hypercheats is awesome, i love every minute of beeing here, please make me happy and let me stay longer, I want to have these options and i truly hope that I am not asking too much. With love ❤️