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  1. Hi, I can see you purchase from a reseller. If you purchase from the website it will almost instantly give you VIP. You don't have it, so please ask reseller to give you your key. Thank you for choosing "HyperCheats."
  2. Alrighty, thanks for the tip. It worked.
  3. I have no clue what is breaking your game, It works 100% fine. Contact your reseller for any help, I can't do much, same with admins. You need you reseller to help you.
  4. Yes, use the HWID spoofer and the cleaner. This will help to prevent future bans. Be careful at this time, I was banned. Possibly a detection.
  5. Fix the horrible fps. I get 30-40fps anywhere I go. I usually get 70 without the cheat on. Fix the cargo esp, really buggy. Add a warnign if players are near you. Like a side text if a player is near you in a 100m range. Fix recoil slider. It doesn't go back to normal if you turn it down.
  6. Apex legends tends to crash really frequently. Just a heads up before buying. You can get a good 2-3 games before crash though. So not too bad. Also, if you didn't know hypercheats is a hypervisor. Which means you dont need to re-inject if it crashes. So, it's not too big of a deal.
  7. Most of the "Stream proof" in hypercheats doesnt work. Doesn't work for many games. Hopefully this is fixed sooner rather then later.
  8. R6 is working fine. The smoothing needs turned up a tad bit then normal due to obvious cheating. I like legit cheating. So be careful aimbotting in r6. But no bugs so far. No ban either.
  9. I recommend staying away from rust for a little bit. I've been banned a lot by EAC. Played for so long and finally a ban. So, it on you if you end up getting banned. But the cheat works really well.
  10. The cheat isn't detected, I believe that they are tracking something in your pc from previous bans. I recommend running the HWID cleaner. Next I recommend, doing these next steps. -------- 1. Go to file explorer. 2. Click "This PC." 3. Now click "Local Disk (A-Z)" (Could be any, most likely c:) 4. Find "Program Files (x86)" 5. Click steam. 6. Then look for Userdata. Delete that folder and don't login to that account. 7. Login to new account. 8. Finished. You shouldn't be banned. I've used PUBG like 3days ago. It's not detected.
  11. Whoops, posted on wrong account, but yes, I got a ban with 1.2k hr account, only esp, no weapon modificaitions.
  12. If you have any questions, I'm finally back on hypercheats.


  13. Finally back. If you need help with anything contact me! c;

  14. Привет, наш "Rust Cheat" в настоящее время незамеченным, но если вы хотите использовать HWID Spoofer (BE) вы не в состоянии. Сам чит необнаружен. Sorry, this was google translate. (К сожалению, это был Google перевести.)