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  1. Finally back. If you need help with anything contact me! c;

  2. Привет, наш "Rust Cheat" в настоящее время незамеченным, но если вы хотите использовать HWID Spoofer (BE) вы не в состоянии. Сам чит необнаружен. Sorry, this was google translate. (К сожалению, это был Google перевести.)
  3. Hi, if you purchased off a reseller, it can take some times, resellers are not automatic, they must do their order. Resellers complete orders usually under 24 hours and faster.
  4. Hi, yes, the spoofer is working, but if you play with it, you will get banned, but your hwid will be safe.
  5. Just wait for an admin to check it out.
  6. Hi, if you opened a ticket under "Account/Payment" Please be patient, only admins can see those tickets so you must wait for them to reply.
  7. Hi, all the cheats are currently working, after purchasing, all extra set-up and gettingstarted is located in the VIP section.
  8. Hi, open a ticket here at https://hypercheats.gg/support
  9. No, R6 cheat is currently un-streamproof. (It's suggested so hopefully it will be streamproof soon!)
  10. Hi, the cheat has been undetected for around 2 weeks now.
  11. Hey Randle, IP bans on Rust itself is usually unlikely, especially on a VPN. You will most likely end up with an IP ban on a server.
  12. Macg0915, view one of the resellers forums in this thread to purchase with paypal.