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  1. ive been using level 2 with spoofer on a usb wiith every feature and didnt get a single ban its been 5 days ive been using it.
  2. I was curious on finding a decent Apex Legends hack. Being offered a trial by Slav (Thank you very much) I wanted to give my review about it. Been using it for roughly 8 hours gonna keep going and I have 0 problems except 2 game crash but they were caused by the game itself. -ESP 9/10 is extremely good, all the info needed are shown. 1 small problem I've had is if there is too many enemies close to one another, it can get messy on your screen (But thats just preference). -Aimbot is 10/10, I like the fact that its not always dead on when a target moves so that it look legit on stream missing some shots. Small down side but it doesnt really matter, is that the visible target only doesnt work (it wont aim even if the target is visible) but I think that was already said by someone else on the forum. -Misc is 10/10, the stream proof making it usable for streaming is an amazing feature. No spread even tho I didnt use it alot is working perfectly fine. Something useful I'd like to see in the cheat itself is a possibility to save and load a config. In the end, the cheat is amazing. Price wise it can be expensive for alot of people but it all goes to how much you are willing to pay, if you have a job, etc. A cheat supported by EAC or BE is always gonna be more expensive. Will be testing for another 24 hours to 48 hours for any bans.