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  1. Can I gift a sub to a friend from the site to his account but i pay the btc for it?
  2. yee thats what hexzz said to me just bought the hack again anyway so probs get compensated on top of this sub
  3. can this post be closed admins please? got it all figured out
  4. okay so what happens as my subscription ended do i get compensated when it goes undetected or do i have to rebuy i bought the 28th of feb and ended today
  5. Never got my compensated time for rust hack being down what is with that ?
  6. My subscription is gone off my account and still have a day left plus compensation it suppose to end tomorrow plus the compensation so however much time we got for the rust hack being down why dont i have vip anymore?
  7. can i buy the apex legend hack level 1 using paypal?