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  1. Nice review. Honestly this is probably the best cheat around, 20$ a week for a hwid spoofer and esp? It's a godsent to be honest, but im having quite alot of FPS/Freezing issues when playing. If that could be fixed i'd buy alot more subs.
  2. Nice to see some more giveaways happening. Gl for everyone.
  3. I can vouch for joren's services. Trustworthy guy and has a crazy amount of btc sales from different providers etc.
  4. Dm'd u, wanted to buy a small amount so i can renew my hypercheats sub.
  5. For me i've personally had the freeze issue for a week, but alot of people started having it 3-4 days ago and are now spamming the forums cause they have freezes on startup. I'm not sure if compensation time will be given to be honest, i even fully reset my pc to try and fix the freezes a week ago but yeah. No idea.
  6. RS6 Is in the works of being fixed, the cheat is unuseable atm for some people cause freezes/crashes 24/7 so just wait for them to give us a update on announcements. Meanwhile just wait or play something else cause you literally cant use the rs6 cheat.
  7. I have a few accounts for sale. NordVpn: accounts with 5 months+ subscription time. Stock: 4 5.50$ each. First login attempt, if it doesnt work i fund you a new account (Record it.). If the account gets taken back within 1 hour you get a new one funded back. Changing details of these accounts will VOID this warranty. RS6 Cracked accounts LVL 0-30 accounts. Stock: 7 1.50$ each. These come with warranty, if your not able to login in the first attempt which you should RECORD. Then i will fund you a new account. If the accounts gets taken back within the first hour i will also fund you a new account, trying to change anything on these accounts like Profile picture, name, email and password will VOID this warranty.
  8. Sale has been done. https://gyazo.com/ef0c0ffa3973b2c6ac2a959c9e626a30 https://gyazo.com/47a1194b6c3b324783f7b90103b4a008
  9. I can sell you a nordvpn account that has a few months for 6$.