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  1. yeah from what ive heard it takes a little while, just wait and if u don't get it within 30 min make a ticket 🙂
  2. Just wait, u will have it in a few minutes
  3. yeah but he has a $50 fee so it's $300, i only got $250
  4. Dosen't it have a HWID Spoofer tho?
  5. Hi, So i'd like to buy Rust lvl 2, 1 month. i was wondering if there are any resellers that accept paypal that don't cost more then the official prize
  6. yeet my name is Snickers, I like snickers, I like snickers, and I also fucking love snickers. Beside that I like snickers ice cream bars. I also like playing rust
  7. id like to participate, u got some heart giving away $50 to a random person