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  1. There has been one report in the shoutbox just yesterday.
  2. +++ would be nice to have
  3. looks like a advertisement to your forum
  4. I have 0 Issues with the DayZ cheat, im literally making dads cry all day in dayz, thanks to the corona thing there are even more online which means more dads getting one tapped. If you follow the instructions given to you in the respective forums you wouldn't have needed to create this thread.
  5. Yes, the cheat shouldn't be affected from any updates related to game and BE.
  6. Run CMD as admin, thats a must.
  7. PUBG just recently got a "security update" alongside all other BE games and there hasn't been any ban report for the past 2 months for PUBG.
  8. The DayZ cheat was never set to detected.
  9. The1

    HC rust

    Try the insert button, i think thats the key for HC im not quite sure anymore. Contact your reseller if you want proper support, they get paid to give you support alongside the key.
  10. I hope the devs will notice the issue soon and finally fix it.
  11. Hypercheats has a huge audience, it would be a huge waste to just give up. I still have hope for a big comeback.