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  1. LOOL does that mean many players were straight up cheating all time?
  2. With countless providers? Absolutely not, no sales no cheats. Oh wow thats way less than i expected
  3. Added Escape From Tarkov The Game is not on steam yet, therefore no public stats. However the game is very popular, so it should easily have top 10 Steam Games Charts which is not less than 50k Players / 24h. Game just recieved BattlEye procetion this week, all known cheats are down, demand is as high as ever.
  4. Its quite unfair to mention bans when the cheat is obviously set to testing. The Speedhack feature is meant to be set in the menu before you join a server not while playing. Other than that great review
  5. Contact your reseller, don't spam the public section with your trash, the status obviously states testing/investigating.
  6. There is a new one, i don't have the link tho, ask a Staff Member for it.
  7. Your post was not related whatsoever to the topic Your post was just to trash sales as it seems I wrote the solution to make Silent aim work almost 100% of the time in the VIP section, a reseller should read it if he cares about his customers I'll make sure to blacklist the words "bullshit" and "fucking" from my future posts to not hurt some people's feelings
  8. If you bought a key from a reseller, let him tell you how to properly do it and stoip spamming the fucking forums with your bullshit. Here, i'll save you a few sec:
  9. There are enough public Providers for that game, once it gets BE i'll make sure to add it.
  10. Contact your reseller, i literally posted in every single post i made in the DayZ section that speedhack should not be used.
  11. in my about 10 formats the last few months i never faced a hwid issue
  12. Misc fetures are not guaranteed safe, if you care about bans don't use them. What Game are we talking about anyways?