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  1. It used to be like that but it changed.
  2. There have been no bans reported for the past 2 weeks and the devs are quick to update the cheat as always with rust specifically.
  3. Maybe i should add MW back, all the current providers are detected and are having a hard time making a truly undetected cheat since release. The Cheat is 100% usermode and yet is defeating so many providers already and the demand is huge.
  4. Any email that ends with .edu is good enough for Studentbeans just tried a third world school email xd
  5. Thanks for the student tip and glws
  6. Trust me you don't wanna miss the silent aim, its just too much fun destroying people talking shit and staying legit at the same time.
  7. Yes, if its detected you will still get banned.
  8. 1. Connect to NordVPN Ukraine 2. Create a new Blizzard Account with the VPN 3. Purchase the Game for 2000 Rubels which is ~$30 and make sure to turn off your vpn on the payment page 4. Have fun with your 50% off game.
  9. The1


    Sadly no as there will be enough other providers and HC aims to provide cheats for games that have a better anticheat. -Drogo
  10. Right now not even the providers that had cheats in the beta are up, and advertising other providers here isn't allowed anyways.
  11. https://discord.gg/vdXTxJ
  12. 1903 is supported since months, report the thread to get it closed faster 😛
  13. I had it added and removed it since i know for a fact there are gonna be hella providers on release, i'll add it once EAC/BE gets implemented which shouldn't take long thanks to the mass amounts of providers on release like i said.