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  1. You are pissing me off with your attitude, stop acting like a douche with your total censorship.
  2. There was no need to delete my post as i haven't mentioned another providers name nor. linked to it. And yes, we do know for certain, e.g. my post.
  3. https://youtu.be/aaL7owZmbEA?t=90 <1:30
  4. The1

    Bullying DayZ Players

    Replaced video link with bulletproof one. Hf Bohemia.
  5. The1

    Bullying DayZ Players

    Yeah they are fucking my youtube channel right and left lol.
  6. The1

    Bullying DayZ Players

    Just a quick recording i made while testing the cheat today, i must say this was the most fun i had in DayZ since i started playing the game. https://saruch.co/videos/G6xW4ivilMsNBNg/ ^Good luck taking down that video, Bohemia fags.
  7. Not like this thread matters at all but i've added Valorant to the collection. Valorant's anti-cheat is currently not very strong as the version build-in at the moment is a weaker version of the promised "brutal" anti-cheat that will follow with the full public release in a few weeks. If the devs are looking for a valorant account, hit me up. @Drogo @g0d @slav @joanna
  8. The1


    Make sure to always clean C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata I'm not sure if the HC loader cleans that automatically, when i started cheating i didnt clean it and got my main banned that way sadly. In most cases this is not needed but in some it is, i don't know why that is.
  9. I played for about an hour a week ago and used all features, no ban yet.
  10. There hasn't been a ban report for quite some time and im sure the Update will be quick on the wipe tomorrow^^
  11. Yes, DayZ is fully functional and safe to use at the moment.