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  1. The Private Cheats are mindblowing, you don't wanna miss them.
  2. I had that one too, i forgot how i solved it or if i solved it at all, i think i just reinstalled windows.
  3. Hi, advertising other providers isn't allowed here so we cannot link you directly. Checkout https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/ maybe you will find what you are searching for there, but keep in mind the place is full of scammers. Good luck.
  4. The1


    There is no definite answer to that, fortnite is now banning much more in some cases. Just try out all the spoofer you can find i guess but make sure to take care of the tracking files by resettings windos since most of the cleaners delivered to you are probably outdated.
  5. The1


    fortnut make big problem with police so no more
  6. Its the only HC cheat with horrible FPS, seems like the Hypervisor ain't working well with Rust for some reason. Its really the only reason i stopped playing rust with HC, i can't live with 40 FPS on my 2080Ti, the game is just not fun that way. Its been like this for months if not since the release of the Rust cheat, i really hope it gets fixed because HC is my favorite rust cheat so far regarding ESP and overall functionality, of course some features missing but EAC detections have priority.
  7. Open a support ticket if you want your official license back.
  8. All features are safe, i use every single feature everytime and i last as much as i am supposed to last, there was never auto gathering afaik and instant pickup has been removed sadly. I'd wait until the cheat is back to ud again.
  9. Go to "Exploit Protection" and turn everything off. Make sure your Antivirus is disabled. Make sure you are either on Windows 1809 or 1903 (1903 is recommended) Make sure your windows is up2date means all updates installed.
  10. Afaik the official guide is to reinstall windows which isn't very productive. Also if they decide to activate windows using my tutorial there is no way that EAC is gonna ban people that have the same activation key, that would lead to masses of unfairly banned users, but yeah like frosty said this tutorial was intended for the users who wanted to stop cheating and fix their windows activation in very simple steps.
  11. Credits to the respective developer of the simple tool & his sources.
  12. At the moment its not safe, you might survive up to 10 hours but not longer, specially if you get reported. Once its back to UD you could potentially surive weeks if you don't get reported.