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  1. Thank you for the review, glad you enjoy it 🙂
  2. slav

    Apex Cheat

    We do not provide support for key users. Please contact your reseller and refrain from posting here.
  3. Thank you for the review, glad you are satisfied
  4. Want to try us out? Don't have the money right now for a week or month subscription? Or simply not interested in a long term subscription? No worries, we now officially support 1 day subscriptions via our store found here: https://hypercheats.gg/store/ Jump in and give us a try! Maybe you'll find a new home with us! ❤️
  5. You have VIP now again, was a bug with coinpayments, once again, but we did move away from coinpayments completely. The new system will not have any of these issues.
  6. Just manually checked the payment reference, we have not received anything. This is either a problem on your side or coinpayments.
  7. That's up to coinpayments, I suggest opening a ticket there.
  8. We are aware of the issue with coinpayments, the money is not received on our side.
  9. slav

    Apex level 2 gameplay

    Nice video 🙂
  10. Hi sigge, there was a mistake with our wording on the announcement, we actually compensated everyone < 13th and not <= 13th. I will manually compensate you 6 days. You are VIP again, enjoy 🙂
  11. Did you renew it before your sub from 6th of february actually expired?
  12. https://hypercheats.gg/blogs/entry/9-apex-rust-status-update/ We are undetected again on Rust & Apex.
  13. Good morning all! Now that Rust and Apex are both moved back to being undetected (https://hypercheats.gg/status/) we have given compensation days to all users who lost days due to cheats being unsafe for a certain amount of time during their subscriptions. Below a list on how you were compensated: Rust Have you bought Rust on the 13th of February or before, then you were given 9 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. Apex Have you bought Apex on the 16th of February or before, then you were given 6 additional days on top of your prior expiration date. This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat