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  1. We are very transparent with our users regarding detection, no idea who deleted your post, but the detection is being worked on. It probably has been moved to the VIP section of R6S.
  2. No, what you see there is converted from our framework that we use in all our games. Does not mean that those functions all actually work in R6S, they work in other games such as Rust, PUBG, Arma 3, and others.
  3. You can view our level 1 rainbow six siege functions here: Please do not confuse our R6S cheat to our other products such as Rust or PUBG.
  4. We have fixed the crashes. How much time passes until you crash? Compensation for downtime will be handed out as well.
  5. Your friends are lying to you, it's understandable that our competitors love spreading lies about us as most of them are facing weekly detections for their BE/EAC games. We always inform our customers when our cheats get detected and hand out compensation for every single day for which it was in Testing or Detected state. This should answer your question.
  6. Hello, sorry about the inconvenience caused by this, but it has been resolved over 10 hours ago, our resellers normally tell all their customers to switch their country so that the VAT is 0%, I guess it was not the case with you. Please next time create a support ticket.
  7. It is in the cheat as of yesterday as requested 🙂
  8. Hi, We are going to add headaim in this upcoming week, golden backpack will also be added. Thanks for notifying us with this thread, we tend to forget small details as this, as most of you already know, our top priority is the safety of our software.
  9. Thank you for the review, glad you enjoy it 🙂