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  1. read around the site man.... r6 is being updated... wait till admin fixes it
  2. I'd probably be the only fool to pay for it but... I want esp, just esp for World of Warships lol... That would be sooooo clutch
  3. My local meth dealer says he trusts me... does that help?
  4. Im having trouble with the reset HWID part... keeps making me reset, ill restart computer and try again and the cycle goes on from there... any tips? Ive read everywhere and cant find out what to do

    1. massfrosty


      press ok to hwid reset i heard some people fixed it this way.

    2. ihacksometimes


      Yup, we're all good. Drogo is a champ. Sorry to bother ya mate


  5. I don't think I need greater detail. If you have money, and want an awesome hack that works perfectly and easy... buy Hypercheats!! Easiest loader with built in HWID spoofer. It's perfect. Period. If you need more info, read around the Site, its jam packed with info!
  6. Is legit!!! Works perfect and is fun as hell. Thanks HC!
  7. ok, and from what Im reading... when you purchase the RB6 stage 2 you get a spoofer for that?
  8. Quick question.... Just got banned hella quick with another sites stuff.... if I go along with this site... is there anything I need to do to make sure Im good?