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  1. does pubg level 1 have stream proofing yet? i'm just waiting for that to buy if it ever happens 😄
  2. Features ESP Not a huge amount i can say about the ESP here, it's pretty simple with boxes and a dot for the head currently (bones/thick bones wasn't working while i was using the cheat), it works very well in certain scenarios however without visibility checks/chams available currently on the level 1 version of the cheat it can be difficult to determine if someone is behind a wall or not without good map knowledge, so sometimes you may shoot when there is no-one there, the distance information is accurate and most of the features provided worked pretty well. AIMBOT There is no Aimbot on level 1 versions of the cheat. Security/Support As expected the security on HyperCheats is very effective, and work very well against anti-cheats that many other providers will struggle with, they are quick to update the games to the latest patch and i haven't had any issues, the main thing to remember is to follow the instructions step by step and make sure you don't play stupid, i personally never rage hack so i cannot say how the anti-cheats will react to that type of gameplay. The support is very helpful here, with a live chat box and a lot of Support/Mods/Admins there to help you if things go wrong, not forgetting existing members of the community for help when things go wrong, the only thing i can suggest here is a 24/7 support chat would be very effective for when things just really aren't working, Conclusion The Rainbow Six Siege level 1 cheat is great but not perfect, it does exactly what you need, knowing where the enemies are 24/7 is a huge advantage, there were a few broken/missing features at the time of making this review but they weren't really necessary in the first place for the cheat to work effectively, however it works especially well if used correctly with some in-game map knowledge, you can dominate almost every game!