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  1. i know a few providers who are ud on faceit/esea
  2. wait for your reseller to come online and confirm/verify payment, and they will set you up. Please send them a PM about your payment and wait for them to respond. You haven't purchased from hypercheats, so there is nothing we can do about your purchase. just be patient, i am sure you will be taken care off by your reseller as soon as they are online.
  3. i think the misc tab is also available for lvl 1 hack iirc.. anyway, see the above pic.. you have to enable the "i acknowledge this module is unsecure and that im not a retarded nigger" . ENABLED = SHOULD BE PINK BOX... in the above pic its disabled.. so you will have to enable it to show the spectator count.. and i personally disable the top two features - DRAW CROSSAIR AND DRAW LOCAL POSSITION.. just to be safer.. you never know if those could be detected. using these settings i have been safe on pubg for more that 2 months pluss.... around 150+ hours no ban.. XD i have tried to explain the above in an as simple way as possible.. but if u still have any doubts.. PM me.. i am king of pubg 😛 my stats are incredible and still no ban.. coz i play it right !! xD
  4. as @The1 said.. there is spectator count in pubg lvl 2 ... its a feature in the misc tab.. all you have to do is check the box which says "i am not a retarded nigger" etc etc etc.. just tick that box.. dont touch any other settings.. and you will b able to see the spectators on the top centre of the screen... dont change anything else in the misc tab.. i only disable (uncheck) the show local position and draw crosshair option and enable the nigger thing.. thats all..
  5. whats the sub time on the ph accounts ? @killmenow
  6. so pro man ! such skill, much wow !!
  7. no cant play in bladeless. borderless, yes !
  8. Glad you are enjoying it. Apex is already back up and running afaik.
  9. @tammyslave afaik, pubg dosn't hwid ban. so you can create a new account and are good to go. having said that, HC does indeed include a spoofer in all their cheats, and you are free to choose whether you like to enable it or not when injecting. HC pubg hack is really good, and has been undetected for a very long time, 7 months if im not mistaken !!
  10. hey, only the reseller can provide you with all that is required with regards to the hack. you will probably just have to wait for your reseller to be online. from what i've heard, Banek is usually pretty quick. but time zones can be a bitch. Just try and wait till he gets online, in the meantime you can drop him a PM.
  11. My best wishes are with you !! gws !!
  12. lol. i dont mean any ill.. im sure he will be just fine, and i wish him the very best and a super speedy recovery !!
  13. hey, good luck with the op. i had a friend who had a kidney transplant but unfortunately passed away soon after due to some complications, the kidney was compatible and everything, but maybe his body rejected it or something, not trying to scare you nor saying you may meet the same fate, but just giving you a heads up !! good luck all the same ! 🙂 😛
  14. as a key user, all the help you need should be provided to you by your reseller. i can sympathize with you, but you must seek help from your reseller. what i can ask you to try is, that disable/uninstall 3rd party software, disable or close all services except the game/anti cheat/gpu services etc. try a clean install of windows. sorry, but this is the only reply that you are going to get here.