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  1. Why would you be mean to someone who has the same problem than yours ? He sees the opportunity to get help here because yall have the same issue so don't be that selfish. Just for you to know, the sub isn't automatic, each part has to confirm that it received the money. If you're not VIP yet, it's simply because the admins didn't check/receive it yet. So just wait. Your sub time won't be wasted 🙂 Note : No need to put pressure on the staff team, trust me, they help you as much as they can and as fast as they can. Friendly and know what they doing. 🙂
  2. Any plans on fixing the bones esp ?
  3. Hello, Posting here a review about the level 1 R6S cheats. Cheat working fine, no crashes, etc. Though, I don't if it's because of the cheat or not that I have insanes FPS drops. If not, it's just the game update then. Why did I take the LvL 1 ? Simply because I only need the ESP which I find enough to get the advantage on the opponents. Any suggestions for the cheat ? Nothing else than making the skeleton / bones ESP working and add a streamproof. Oh, and when we disable the boxes ESP, the healthbar stays ON, in the middle of the player's model. That's very annoying. Note : 7/10 Hope my review was good enough. Have a good time cheating !