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  1. account got banned yesterday using cheating not all of days but playing some in day's playing legit ,and still can banning us this is not more SAFE HERE CHEAT GOT DETECTED WORK GREAT BUT YOU WILL GOT AN INSTANT BANN AFTER HOUR OR DAYS EDIT: ^misleading post. Spreading false informations isn't really needed. All our battleye cheats are safe since 7 months. If you use misc features or rage you have to accept bans.
  2. of course this cheat its been detected WARN UP !!!!! one day playing so ast cash on him
  3. xtrm


    There a not an Up any time For me........
  4. xtrm


    thanks for the information i did not know about it, and i was wondering what was happening.
  5. xtrm


    i got my payment from his re-seller banek192 when i'm launch cheat to enter my Key code and then Press ENTER now is dosent show anything when 5 hours ago when i enter my key code to have acces into my information cheat getting an tittle an day Remaining with 30 day i taken was 29 day ** *** ** Left on my key so now when i enter him it's dosent show anythings like i got an Wrong code now when i was acces and been PAID And all other Informations Payments. trought paypal
  6. I am agree with him , i used him like one days and i like how bypass and totaly SAFE for this momment 😉 Congrats to All coder who can do this 😄
  7. Lucky to you men take with precious 😄
  8. New people can trust this reseller : banek192 if you wish to buy an cheat and you are dont sure or you cant buy any Mining coin ,can does with paypal easy , fast , and quick once payment are completed and been paid , give him an little time about 1hour and he will send it step by step . 😉
  9. yes an another client from different not from here i staying opened while i playing and i dont know "client Cheat" was stay opened when i playing i got an banned after couple of day i was not cheating because dosent have any cheat for Rainbow ATM , and 1 months i bought an new games and i playing only one game i got an instant banned , i think it of my 1st bannned this happen.... Sorry if i get some trouble i am frenchs.
  10. okay before i used this cheat if i used has firsts Spoofer he will change anything into my PC , because an recevied an Bann because i stay an opened client with some cheat who also dosent have Rainbow 6 ON IT , but im playing with an client cheat with some cheat in , i playing has rainbow six and getting an banned because i dosent know because program stay opened on my windows he can detect also cheat launch or not.
  11. I will just using Level one if i purchase one , i dont need more feature just to be more ALIVE playing LEGIT with only ESP to see ENEMY
  12. how its looked his cheat for rainbow how are and it are very safe i saw Rainbow six goes an new update so cheat needed new code source and can be banned player.. how is menu i want some video of hypercheats how are actuelly
  13. xtrm

    Buy R6S

    i dont think , you can take 1 week for 20$ this an nice deal for an try..
  14. if you can understand on what i mean about my text.. just like that's
  15. yes everybody should like have lifetime also me but im disappointing with lifetime now we want paid hight price for paid one time few no anymore or more and cheating for rest of all we paying but for person are coding for him in long therm he lose some cash ofer with lifetime if only 6 months and with this way he can continue and does more cheat if we getting stop paid he will do stop continue good cheat understand?..