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  1. Sorry mods! Please PM me if you have questions or wish to order
  2. Yep. Will PM you a one time shoppy discount. Run it through and it'll be free, then send me the code it gives you so I can activate you
  3. Hello everyone. I am selling the FASTEST Fortnite turbo onsite, possibly anywhere! I will race as well. This is a turbo, not an autoclaimer, meaning if you buy an OG and need it swapped, then use my turbo. Price for program: $30 Price for me to swap: $15 The file may have false positive AVs, but don't worry about it. The program is safe This was coded by a really good friend of mine who knows what he's doing. When you purchase, you will be given an HWID code. Please PM me it or add me on Discord YB#1230 to be activated Purchase at: Via wesbite PM ToS: No refunds No reselling Do not abuse my program I take no responsibility if you lose a swap No warranty or money back 1 Vouch copy to a trusted user onsite!
  4. Private message them on the forum
  5. Level 1: HWID spoofer! Internal (very good performance) Menu Player ESP Friendly check Bones Level 2: HWID spoofer! Stream proof! (can be disabled in the misc menu) Internal (very good performance) Menu Player ESP Friendly check Bones Item ESP Rarity (legendary etc.) of weapons are displayed! Aimbot Movement prediction Bulletdrop correction Advanced aimbot smoothing to make you look very legit. Sticky aim (this makes playing on super high smoothings better) Target selector Target lock Adjustable FOV Literally just check the store lol..
  6. Accidentally said undetected instead of detected lol
  7. No it is not detected.
  8. You sure can. Just need to pay the same price
  9. Everything is automated through the blockchain
  10. Currently only Intel processors. AMD supporting will not be looked at in the near future either
  11. Confirmations are automatic. You just have to wait for confirmations