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  1. @Graves @Korean Thanks but my 1 week sub is about to run out and i haven't used the cheat for like a 1 day i did use it for like 1 hour crashes and stuffs Then i stopped like i just lost $53 and idont wanna lose another $53 so i will be stop using this software thanks for being nice guys
  2. I didn't use misc the crash was because of aimbot it works fine first game or few and then whenever you shot someone it crash like i can't just open game from beginning and make settings again every few games And about me being disrespectful its because what i had with support and reseller they think they are special while they are no body
  3. Aimbot 2/10 no hitscan the aimbot system sucks in general Esp 8/10 its good Performance 3/10 takes a lot of fps i get 160 fps without cheat i get 80 with cheat Support 2/10 takes a long time to reply and they are rude they think they are god while they are people who work for us we pay them and then work for us Resellers i mean 1 reseller not gonna mention his name but yeah he is braindead the cheat didn't work for me and an admin offered him a gift card back for him to refund me but he didn't cuz retarded And the cheat crashes a lot you cant play a game without crash So many bugs Im not using the cheat i wasted 53$ for nothing not even refunding but who cares i paid for a service that isn't worth using This is my honest review it shouldn't get deleted because you accept good reviews you should accept bad reviews aswell