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  1. Yo Nate ik were just as close as family, but you gotta make sure that theres no bias towards me in the giveaway, thx
  2. Honestly the most helpful reseller out there. He has very low costs and will help you out with anything you need. I had a great time with him and hope to doing it again very soon!
  3. Yeah, I wish I spent a little bit more time on it.
  4. its a random song on soundcloud
  5. I opened the loader again after my sub was finished and it gave me the error that I need to reset my HWID. If I buy another sub, will it automatically come with 3 other resets?
  6. Yeah the last 2 were recommendations from my friends and I didn’t have any more footage to sync them up with.
  7. Over the week I had the cheat, I was recording and editing clips. Hours of footage have been lost due to OBS being stupid, but in the end I find that the clips I have are really nice. I'm going to be uploading 3 videos, all basically the same but sync'd with a different song. All 3 videos are sorted in order, (from most liked - least liked) but feel free to tell me which one you like more! MAKE SURE TO SET QUALITY TO 1080p thx 1. (PUBLIC PROMO WITH WATERMARK) 2. (UNLISTED) 3. (UNLISTED)
  8. Holy shit, love the bullet going around the words, awesome. good job
  9. tbh the prize should be an undetected rust cheat ❤️