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  1. Regardless any cheat will take loads of performance such as RAM. You'd need atleast 16-32GB of RAM to run the game along with the cheat to make it smooth.
  2. hexdzn


    You click on account management and cancel the recurring subscription.
  3. Well, before I was considering to buy the cheat I was trying to get information on resellers as I don’t know anything about BTC payments, that was an absolute nightmare. I sent the reseller £140/$160 and it took over a week before I even got the VIP status which wasn’t very ideal since people come here to spend over $100 on products, you’d expect some type of automatic system. Regarding the process of purchasing the cheat through resellers I rate it 4/10. Staff & Cheat Use When I finally got my VIP status it felt like I won the lotto it took that long. Everything was going as expected, cheat worked well no detection but sadly my internet got cut which led me to pause my subscription and only getting 3 days of use. I’ve only returned back to the PC as I’ve only got my connection. Draco did Pause my subscription as my situation was very dire, which I thank him for. Anyway, I came back on a new OS, followed the 1809update guide but only to find out that it upgrades you to 1903 and you aren’t able to downgrade. Admins don’t even know how to help or even gave me any suggestions, only thing they said was to look on google as if I didn’t do that before making a ticket. I find very unprofessional if people like I said, spend over $100 on third party software. In conclusion, I’m $160 down with only 3 days of use, no support regarding to get my system to the programs use, I don’t think I’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t use BTC as you’ll have to wait over a week. (If you’re from the UK atleast). I’m willing to give the support team another chance before I finally clean my hands with HC, I wish their support was as good as their cheat as I would be a regular a month subscriber. ESP: 10/10 AntiCheat: 10/10 Aimbot; 9/10 Misc: 8/10 Support: 3/10 (Willing to give them another chance as I’m very fond of this provider)
  4. I’ve recently had to move out of my current home and now throughout all my struggles I’m now stable in my own home, I’ve lost internet connection (obviously) and will have it back on the 28th. I am using my 4G to write this and was wondering how much the HWID reset costs as I’ve formatted my PC by mistake as I was trying to connect my hotspot to my PC, it’s a long story on how I done it so don’t ask😂🤚🏼 Drago has paused my subscription until I’m up and running again. So, how much is the HWID reset? H (PS) Glad to see more cheats upcoming!
  5. Yep, this is an absolute mess. I don’t know what type of business you’re running but by the looks of it it isn’t very professional. I use a reseller to pay for the cheat, I get the money from a redemption code, I use the code and the money gets credited to my account. I buy my 150 dollar subscription but then greeted by a lovely VAT fee, I accept the fee and continue with the payment. But wait, it gets better... the code is gone and not credited to my account so I need to pay another 150 to actually get the cheat. I’ve been waiting for 48 hours, no support and the reseller is hardly online or has his discord set to offline mode. This is an absolute joke and I’m disgraced at the service and hospitality I’ve been shown on this site. Either this gets resolved today or I’m sorry but I can no longer do business with this site. I’m not having a go but I’d like to whoever is reading this to put yourself in my shoes, if you are not able to see my point of view then don’t bother even try be smart or say something that’s actually helpful. Let me make this clear, I don’t give a care in the world that I lost the money, I care more about how I’ve been treated by the support team whenever they knew my situation. I hope a higher ranking admin could deal with this because I’m sick of having to talk to irrelevant moderators who cannot so anything other than tell me to have “patience”.
  6. Congratulations, you’ve won😂👌🏼 That’s pretty classic. Out of all the jokes yours didn’t involve racism and death and still came across hilarious. DM me your PayPal email and I’ll sent it over. 😂😂😂 ps - you seem like the type to guy I’d smoke gas with💨
  7. In the works of being resolved👍 This is spam, it can be deleted.
  8. I think this is the hardest and longest cheat provider out there, by the time I actually get my hands on this cheat I’ll be able to tell my grand children about how long I’ve waited😂😂😂
  9. Yeah, Nitro even put me as a customer on his discord and didn’t even do anything regarding this payment. I’ve lost that amount of money in a blink of an eye. He is never online and I deeply regret using his services as I’ve been waiting over 24 hours. Unless he comes on I the next 1 hour my mind will be changed.
  10. We need more jokes coming in before this giveaway finishes.
  11. Purchased the account within minutes, very legit seller. I recommend so far! I'll keep you posted if anything is fish but I doubt it. Cheers Fearless.
  12. I'm in need of an account, DM me.
  13. Just message the reseller with the updated information.
  14. I will need to try this out, do you have a website at all?