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  1. Noxfora

    Rust level 2

    Thanks Korean! Really appreciate the reward! Very pleased to hear my work paid off, thanks! 😉 Had several accounts that got server banned, but i used the cheats for several weeks before detection. Thanks mate! I tried building up some suspense, i guess it worked! 😅 I enjoyed all the nice feedback from you guys! Will start recording clips again now that rust has moved to undetected and throw together another video once i have enough content!
  2. Noxfora

    Rust level 2

    Made a little montage with some clips i recorded on Rust. Let me know what you think!
  3. Nice video! What recoil settings did you use?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I remember reading something about having 3 resets when purchasing 1 hwid reset. Is this correct?
  5. I had a subscription to rust that lasted for one week. I'm changing some parts on my pc and I was wondering if I will have to buy a hwid reset and a new subscription? Or will a new subscription be registered to the hwid that is used the first time I launch the new subscription? Even if the new subscription is also for rust?