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  1. Our Rust Prices start at $6.49 with $2.00 Off Discount = $4.49 (You will NOT find a cheaper Rust account anywhere else) Hundreds of other games are also available on all platforms at discount prices. Thousands of Hobby & Gaming Supplies as well as 3D Printers, Parts, and Filament. Visit our Site: https://swiftgames.us Join our Discord & find out how to get yours today: SwiftGames.us Support Thank you for your business. The SWIFTGAMES INC Team
  2. Also have a HWID Spoofer for EAC and BE works with Fortnite being tested for Rust.
  3. Huge variety of account to choose from added to the site. Go check them out.
  4. I put a few more up. Not sure how long they will last. Happy Hacking
  5. A discount is available for the 4.99 accounts. You can get them for 4.49 or 3.99. Join our discord and find out how you can get the discount.
  6. 4.99 Rust Rage hack Rust Accounts are back up. These are community restricted and are purely for rage hacking or sniping etc 15 in stock now 1 per order They will sell fast
  7. I don't know what to tell you. Because I was in the account while I was talking to you. The first time I was in no ban. The second time ban. You bought a Steamby account from Steamby he is our vendor. You are literally the only person to come to me with this problem. The only. Something is suspect about that in itself. Don't get the wrong idea I am not saying you did anything wrong, but you might have a RAT on your PC.
  8. Oh I remember you. You turned on steam guard. Then couldn't turn it back off. You had turned it on so you could trade a knife or something from CS:GO I am guessing because you had changed your name to something with TRADE KNIFE in the name and had put like 13 hours on Rust. You claimed you had not turned it on. Why I have no idea. It isn't like it is a big deal it happens all the time. Then you came back after I fixed it and said you could not login with the password. I was literally immediately able to login to it and even changed the profile name to "Doc was Here" so you could see that the password was working without any issues. Steamby's accounts are 0 hours never logged into the game or he doesn't sell them. Period. You can ask anyone who has purchased from him that this is the case. You can ask him too. Likely if the account is banned after you played for 13+ hours then you are HWID banned or your spoofer isn't working. That is literally the ONLY way you are getting game banned on a 0 hour or even a boosted account. I am sorry you had such problems logging in, but I triple checked it was user error.
  9. Number 1 problem I run into is people accidentally put a space when they copy and paste the password. Just something to keep in mind.
  10. If any of you are into 3D printing or other hobbies. We are moving quite a few Vendors to our Store for filament and Printers.
  11. www.swiftgames.us Is the site you just buy from there.
  12. Steamby is in the process of moving completely to Swiftgames.us
  13. Thanks man! Spread the good word! The more sellers we get the lower prices will go. All about competition in a solid safe trading space.
  14. Remember! Never settle for shady trades! Make them sign up with SwiftGames.us & Never get scammed again!
  15. We have placed a few specialty Rust accounts up by request. You can now see the character model on some boosted accounts.