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  1. it does, just post this in a discord channel: https://discord.gg/QeaJ3kJ or just use: QeaJ3kJ as invite code using the normal join server feature.
  2. Currently ixce, a friend of mine is giveaway'ing 8 discord nitro subs(10usd one). In order the join this giveaway join my discord: https://discord.gg/QeaJ3kJ and check #announcements. Make sure to read the requirements before joining it. I'll be giving away more in he near future. Dont start crying about you needing to join a discord for it. If you dont want to simply refrain from doing so. Ty good luck!
  3. Prices, Payment and Contact methods below I will be exchanging discord nitro for various payment methods. You will receive a discord nitro gift link after purchasing. I will pay nitro with my personal credit card meaning they're not carded like 90% of the discord nitro resellers do. DISCLAIMER: Join my discord and follow the instructions. I do not accept friends requests. Accepted Payment Methods by default PayPal (in case your paypal doesnt have a bank connected) PaySafeCard iDeal SoFort GiroPay Skrill Other payment methods on request Prices Standard discord nitro is 10 EURO for each payment method - General note: Be aware that most payment methods have a fee. Example: default price + 1.30EUR(service costs) + PayPal fee's (if you use PayPal to buy). Contact You will need to use discord to message me, i do NOT accept friends requests so you will need to join my Discord Server. Please read the #read-me and follow the guides. Discord: JorenX#0001 (however I do not add friends)