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  1. going over 400+ hours now which is 5+ months and so far so good.
  2. As long as it is an Intel Processor, you should be golden.
  3. Yeah, you don't read. I stated the ones listed are "too expensive". That's why I posted.
  4. Their are resellers that obviously do it, I found one. Now that person is gone, hence my "post" to see if anyone is "willing" to do the same.
  5. I feel like you didn't read my post. At all.
  6. Lost my old reseller, the current ones I see for Paypal are freakin expensive. Anyone else wanna shoot me a price? My old one was doing $40/mo for Level 1.
  7. It's not operational at the moment. Please wait.
  8. Send me a PM with your discord.
  9. Sorry, its for if you want to compete competitively in ESL. You have to download an anti-cheat called MOSS to prevent cheaters from competing. Well, fuck that. Lets cheat 😄
  10. So then, pretty much don't do it?
  11. For Rainbow Six Siege, GO4 require anti-cheat downloads for ESL and Moss files. My question is does Hyper override them and is it undetected if we were to download the files? I am thinking about playing in the Go4 Tournament.
  12. Do you by chance have any advanced R6 accounts that have high levels, multiple seasons played and black ice skins?
  13. Do you by chance sell any outrageous accounts that are high level and have many skins unlocked?
  14. Nothing can be done, because once its detected by the anticheat and you are using it, you are banned.