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  1. I was trying to show a friend some siege cheat gameplay of the teleport feature when this came up. This video is clearly or HyperCheats but the kid is either trying to rat kids or scam them. Please share this video around with this post to prevent people from getting ratted/scammed. Let's get this video taken down by reporting it and the channel, thanks for reading! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ogZM6e9q40
  2. Price $15 paypal $12.50 crypto Service I will play on your account from any comp rank to fabled (the rank at which recluse is given). This should only take a few hours and will be completed within 24 hours of your purchase. Pm or ask below for more info
  3. Winners: @SKUNTER @mrbeast1986 @essexpottsy http://prntscr.com/n5zti1 Winners have 24 hours to respond, after this period, winners will re rolled! Please PM me to claim your prizes!
  4. Winners will be chosen and announced at 17:30 GMT Stay Tuned! Winners will be chosen using random.org
  5. To enter: Comment below, fuck the rest of that stuff 🙂 The winners names will be revealed below and their winnings PM'd to them on the 1/4/2019!
  6. Rust: By far one of the best rust cheats out! It's UD and offers a great advantage over the enemies in rust! The support on the cheat is great and all round its amazing! I tried level 1 and may try level 2 after my sub runs out. The menu is clean and offers great performance! If you are looking for a rust cheat yet are stuck on the fence and don't know which way to go, definitely head towards hypercheats! I vouch for this cheat over any others. PUBG: I have tried all the different cheats for PUBG. Nothing even comes close to hypercheates! Its ESP and aimbot are far superior than that of any other cheat on the market. The icons offer a clean looking esp with adjustable distance and scaling. Overall with the cheat being so undetected and cheap, its definitely a cheat you should consider purchasing! I vouch for this cheat and strongly recommend anyone to get this cheat, no matter which level! Rainbow 6: I have tried level 1 rainbow 6, so far, no ban or any accusations of cheating! It's great! The cheat is able to help you win every game and beat the enemy team, what else do you want from a cheat? Nothing. The cheat has great performance and yet again, a clean looking menu and loader. The support on the cheat is far better than any other i have tried as support is almost instant any time of the day! Thanks to the great support team at hypercheats. In conclusion, with all the time i have had these cheats, less than a week, i have been able to gain a strong liking for the cheats! If you are looking at cheats and can't decide, feel free to PM me about my personal experience with hypercheats and how i think you could benefit from using HC cheats! Thanks to all of Hypercheats for offering such a great service and such amazing products!