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  1. Yeah I get that, but R6S is 9+ months safe, then it might be easier to work a bit on quality of life stuff 😛 since newer games like APEX already got the option, I wouldn't know how hard it is to implement but I guess it's the same or similar process for every game (?)
  2. Do you have an ETA? Would be cool to have it by season 2 of year 4 (June) Thanks
  3. Hello, I've been using R6S cheat for 3 months now and I'd like to ask, is there any way to get streamproof feature? Thanks and congratulations for the amazing cheat you have here.
  4. Not only timezones but the Exchange rate haha, 25$ to an American/European is nothing (I used to live there) but now living in Brazil oooh is that expensive lol. But hey thanks I'll just wait then 😞
  5. Hi guys, bought for the first time the HC - R6 Siege Level 1 for 1 Week [Digital Purchase] from @Banek192 but I think because of TIMEZONES he won't be online for a while, I already confirmed the payment and everything, is there any other mod/admin who can provide me the hack if I show proof of the purchase or only him will be able to do so?