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  1. Everything was fixed, but no compensation was given as a result I lost 2 days, It's disgusting!
  2. It does not work more than 12 hours, I'm SHOCKED!
  3. So I've already lost 12 hours and nothing's been fixed and I'm not getting any compensation?
  4. Will the day be compensated ?
  5. Hello, after updating the game cheat stopped working! When you download the cheat and start the game - the game crashes!
  6. I made the purchase through a reseller, but he could not provide me with help and said that the key is " Common". Although I did not give the key to anyone and no one except me does not know it (only the reseller himself because he said that I gave him the key to solve the problem). The loader was always launched from one IP-network and one PC of hardware, but I was accused of what is not and refused to help
  7. I don't know what you're talking about.
  8. Please do not close this topic I need the administrator, @Drogo doesn't read the message in pm
  9. Forgot to add that Spoofer I didn't use
  10. I'm having serious problems with HDIW, the fact that I had a rally HDIW already 2 times (I bought 1 lvl for 1 month). In the first I had a flight HDIW due to the update of the loader (and this problem arose not only at me at a forum also there were people with similar problems), the second time I took off because of the crash of the Windows (when there were frequent crashes loader in the game). I have never been told the exact reasons and how to prevent this problem, I played in the beginning for and left the loader always on I thought that when loading the loader and ending the game session it becomes inactive until the next session. I want to notice that only I know the key and my reseller (I repeatedly provided it to him to solve the problem with HDIW), so I played without rebooting the PC in other games and during one of these games I had to change my IP for a while (I didn't run the loader from a third-party IP address, I just changed it while playing another game) this was repeated 2 times and there were very short periods of time, so it happened in one day and now when I have again flew HDIW I was denied help saying that the key overall. I've never given anyone a key, PC components are not changed for all the time ran the loader I'm the same way with the same IP, but I'm still accused of something and denied help. It's a shame for all the time I lost more than a week because of the problems that arose with the loader all these days no one returned to me, and now the accused was not there and refuse to help. I'm extremely disappointed, and I need help. My reseller: @banek192