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  1. The BE spoofer is under Investigating but should still work.
  2. No you can see the list of cheats on the store page
  3. depends on what game your playing
  4. injected


    Rust is being updated you can check on the main page at the top.
  5. injected


    The cheat has hwid spoofer so your fine
  6. injected


    If you have been HWID banned you will need to spoof your ID then you should be good.
  7. injected


    Yes if your not cheating will be fine. unless you have been banned before then need hwid spoofed
  8. injected


    No problem man anytime.
  9. injected


    EAC spoofer is being investigated but you can still use it
  10. injected


    Rust cheat is Undetected right now but there is always risk while cheating play smart should be fine
  11. injected


    Yes R6S HWID bans and you will need to get a spoofer then get a new account to be able to play again i think.
  12. Best of luck to everyone thanks for the giveaway Graves
  13. You will have to wait for banek to come online he has a life as well
  14. Dead by Daylight seems like a good game played it few times ESP would work great
  15. The RS6 cheat works like a dream no bans my friend was playing with it only few weeks ago 30 rounds going ham still good to this day.
  16. Nice now i can try Apex great work guys keep it up.
  17. I will enter into this try my luck
  18. injected

    DayZ Cheats video

    Great work banek love the way you slice them zombies up.
  19. injected

    Profile Banner!

    Nice work love it how much for one?
  20. Great work mate love that aimbot keep it up 😄
  21. Great video man nice to see they added Arma to the list might try later 😄
  22. injected

    PUBG - Rage Hacking

    Great work