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  1. there was a small update in r6... and since then the cheat is not working properly... please take a look into it.. thanks
  2. I see that the cheat is quite different than it was before the update... Is security still the same?
  3. Just a quick question... does the cheat work on the test server as well? or only on the main game? Thanks.
  4. yes, the loader is down now i guess... Error B2.
  5. Do you have any idea how long is it gonna take to fix the loader? so that perhaps my weekend doesnt get spoiled? xD
  6. well, i just tried the chrome thing and waited for 15 minutes... didnt work... had to force restart the PC.... I guess i'd have to wait for some time until the devs come up with a solution or an update. Thanks.
  7. so it wont work for now? or is there anything that can be done?
  8. Now, before you think that somehow i dont know how to run the cheats or something's wrong my with my PC, it's not. I have been using the r6 level 1 for more than three months now and it works great... well, but since this morning... its not working... Usually when i enter the key, my PC becomes unresponsive for a minute and everything loads up successfully but since morning the PC becomes unresponsive for more than 15-20 minutes and nothing happens. The same thing is happening to a couple other friends of mine as well. Can anybody please check and lemme know if the r6 level 1 is working fine? Thank you.